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Guided Procedures Explorations: Finding Inactive and Deprecated Process Elements

As Guided Procedures (GP) becomes more popular, the number of GP elements (Processes, Blocks, Actions, Callable Objects, etc.) available to be re-used will also increase. This change in itself is of critical importance when efficiency at the process composition level should be improved. However, this interdependence has are certain drawbacks as well.      For example, what happens if you have created a process that includes an action from another divisional unit. You discovered the action (irregardless of how you found it), its functionality fitted your requirements and you included it in your process. In your process, which is actually very complicated with multiple blocks, the action worked correctly. In the mean time, the other division that developed the action had discovered an error in the action and corrected it.  Your process now contains an action that is buggy.     In the ideal world, the other division would inform all users of the action of the change. In the real world, this communication might not take place and the action in your process would be deprecated.      This blog describes a web-service that be of assistance in situation in that it is able to list all inactive and deprecated process elements (including processes themselves).       +A Caveat: Although it is difficult in the GP Designtime environment to have processes that contain deprecated process elements, as the screenshot below shows, it is indeed possible. +     The first screenshot shows an inactive block in a process.        Our web-service returns the following text: +Deprecated items: BlogProcess – Block: BlogProcess – INACTIVE+      The second screenshot shows a different process with a deprecated action   
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