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Few Facts/Issues/Solutions Related to Heterogeneous System Copy (With DI Usage Type)

As intimated by SAP, DI systems can only be moved but not copied.

Reference Source:: System Copy for SAP Systems Based on SAP NetWeaver 2004s SR1 System Copy Guide. You can find this information in Page No. 10 under Usage Type Development Infrastructure (DI) only.

What it means: We cannot do System Copy for the instance having a Usage Type DI as NWDI (DTR, CBS, and CMS) components are deployed/configured on it. I have tried performing the above on multiple OS and DB combination. For example performing a heterogeneous system copy from Windows, MsSql to Linux/Unix, MaxDB.

Two major issues you will face are: :

1. Three Database views namely IMS_SYNCVIEW, PVC_ACTVERSVIEW, and PVC_OBJVERSVIEW , will not created in the target system in the above scenario of system copy.

What it means: Your java import step in the target system will fail, throwing an ERROR somewhat like mentioned below. dbImport SEVERE: DB Error during import of IMS_SYNCINXVIEW

This is an error about the Database view IMS_SYNCINXVIEW which Jload fails to create. Strictly speaking this is not a JLoad problem but the problem with certain applications which tries to create this view. Latter on you might get the same error for other two views that is PVC_ACTVERSVIEW and PVC_OBJVERSVIEW

Solution: You have to manually delete the entries of the above views from negativTableListForJload.xml located in \Program Files\Sapinst_instdir\NW04S\LM\COPY\MSS\SYSTEM\CENTRAL\AS-JAVA\install\sltool.

For example remove the entry ;< object name=”IMS_SYNCINXVIEW” action=”insert”/>;

Your Job is still not done. You have to remove the entries from another XML file called import.xml located in \ProgramFiles\sapinst_instdir\NW04\COPY\IMPORT\JAVA\COPY\ONE_HOST

After this restart the installation choosing the option continue old installation.

2.When we do a system copy from Windows to Unix(Linux) or vice versa we face problem in extraction/installation of SDM because in windows we have backward slash ( \ ) structure and in unix we have forward slash ( / ) structure. While doing system copy the conversion of this slashes (in case of above mentioned scenario) are not done automatically. We have to do it manually.

Solution: SAP Note 755132

Hope this small bit of information will help you in performing Heterogeneous System Copy (Java System) with Usage Type DI which earlier was earlier a constraint.

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  • Hey,
    Stupendous job done. Some of my colleagues were facing this issue and i have referred this blog to them. This has solved their problem. It’s well explained and very easy to follow. Hope every puts similar blogs which are so helpful.
    Thanks again.
  • This has solved the issue which we were facing. So now onwards it will not be a constraint
    to perform heterogenous system copy with DI.
    Thanks Rajat.
  • Hi,

    First of all let me thank you for the blog. I was stuck in this problem for the past one month and I could not figure out what the problem is all about. Then I searched this blog and there it was..Thanks alot for the solution. I hope you would be posting more solutions.

  • the blog has explained the problems faced during heterogenous systemcopy(with DI usage type) very clearly and solution is also explained for each and every issue.thanks a lot for the information given.splendid job.will implement it very soon.
  • Kudos to Rajat,

    This has been a really fantastic blog that helps in fixing the issues while doing heterogenous system copy.

    Congrats !!!

    Vijay Sriram