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Create And Migrate CATT to ECATT Part-2

This part mainly concentrates how to convert the existing CATT script to ECATT.As shown in the first part the ‘ZPSMM03’ is a test script created for testing mm03 or checking the existence of a material.  Please visit the Previous blog Create And Migrate CATT to ECATT Part-1   As we all know the use of  extended Computer Aided Test Tool (eCATT) is to create and execute functional tests for software. We can perform automatic testing of SAP business processes. Each test generates a detailed log that documents the test process and results.This log gives step by step detail information about the whole test scenario.  Now say we want to use the same script in ECATT  which we developed in the previous part.  Step 1: Enter Tcode SECATT.This tcode is used to call ECATT tool.In the test script text box enter the name ‘ZPSMM03’. image  Step 2: Now in the menu click ecatt object and select option migrate catt. image  Step 3:The following box will come up here you can see the name of existing catt script and also the target system. image   If interested in converting some other CATT script just click the Test Cases tab.Now enter or search the test case name in which we are interested. image Step 4: Finally the same box will come up which is shown in previous figure. Press Enter. image   Step 5 : Notice status bar;we get a message, stating that ALL CATTs migrated successfully,as shown above.   Step 6: Now click the display or change mode of this newly created ECATT script of the same name. Notice that a parameter is already created ‘_MATNR ‘.A underscore comes up since it is declared as a local variable in the CATT script.Also a message shows that it is migrated from CATT . image    Step 7:Even click the command interface and open the first screen and observe the fields.Everything is done automatically isn’t this amazing.image  Step 8: Finally run the same and get the ECATT log.  image The most amazing  feature of ECATT is that we can now upload this as an XML file as well as use this script in combination with others so it’s become reusable also we can record it further with more TCD for e.g One can create a recording for mm01 i.e. creating a material and combine this one with the same for futher checking that whether that  material is existing or not.
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  • Hi,

    I have read your weblog for Create CATT and Migrate to eCATT PArt-1 and Par-2. I Am trying to do the same thing i.e. mirgating existing CATT in eCATT and upload the data through an external file.

    but when try to uplod it through .TXT file it gives my an error to all my Test Configuration is that ‘Variants that Match Selection  Cannot Be Found’.

    I have followed the same steps as you have given and exported the varients to file but giving an error.

    Kindly give me your email Id so that I can sent you a mail.

    Thanks a lot,