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Step by Step Guide: XML File 2 XML File Scenario: Part II

This is basically

      the continuation of my earlier blog Step by Step Guide: XML File 2 XML File Scenario: Part I. Click on “*Integration



I am here now into the
Integration Directory now right click on the left side box and select
“New”. It’s okay that Scenario is selected.




              Just fill the values and press “Create”.

              Then you need to save it in order to see the Configuration Scenario

              on the left hand side.




Spit on your hand for some more work.





              Did you remember what we did in SLD ? Yes,

              we created Product , Software
, Technical System and Business

[Product | #Product]

              and Software Component  is used in Design Part

              and here we are going to use the Business system ?

              Why not Technical system ? My Favorite Question?

If you remember correctly when
we create the Business system in SLD we selected
the Technical system
from the drop down menu means if you are
going to use the Business system then indirectly you are linked
with the Technical System.

In Design also we have imported
Software Component

not the Product because When we create the

              Software Component we have selected the Product .

              So, they both are linked.

How Business systems are linked
with Product?

              We selected the Product when we created

              the Technical System. So your Business Systems are linked with the

              Product. Also the objects that you have designed in the Design part

              are linked with the Software Component which is inturn linked with

              the Product and Product linked with the Technical system and Technical

              system linked with the Business system.

Huuuuuuufffffffff! Soo much

              linked. Where were we? – We are in the Configuration part

              and next step is to import the Business System? Right click the

              Business system and select “Assign Business System

              this will opens up a wizard.+*







            screen is Introduction (Sorry no theory as I promised) just say “Continue

            button and then it will ask for Party – Sorry no Party say “Continue

            button. Select the Business system and press “Finish







              Next step Right Click on the Communicate Channel and say “New”.






              Now configure your Sender Communicate channel. First Click on the

              Help button to select the Adapters – Select “File





            select “Sender” and give the

            All other are default

            [ | ]




Let’s not discuss what each of the Fields do. I just mentioned
what need to be changed.

              Folder path should be XI Server system path not your system folder

              path. As I have installed it on my machine that is the reason I

              have given my C: path but If you are having XI server not

              on your machine then create the folder in the XI Server and give

              the Local path.

Its logically make sense that
from where XI will pick up the file, give that path and check that
can Adapter access that path from XI server. I mean a share drive.
Did u understand?



If yes smile and save the Sender Communication channel.



Now in the same manner create the Receiver Communication Channel.
I know you are clever you know how to do this?




My Screen is like this. Only Filename and Target Directory are different.




Left hand side Communication channel are like this






              Done! Next is “Receiver Determination






              Did I told u that XI makes our job easier then here it is the proof.

              Just use the help button to select the Service means your

              Business system and in the Interface box it will present you the

              correct interface just select. Before closing, match the following

              input as below.





You know what you are doing here? We are trying to say to XI that
this is the

Sender Business system, Sender Interface, Sender Namespace (This
is the key)

              And to this sender information we need to map the Receiver Business

              system. In order to do that select the Help option from the “Service

              option in “Configured Receivers





              After selecting the Receiver Business System. Click on “Save





Now we will create Interface Determination. Just select as it is





Fill as it has shown below.





This interface Determination will ask for Inbound Interface and
also for Interface Mapping. Just use help button to select it. Always
save when it is done.





Next Sender Agreement





Nothing special we do here. We just attach the Communication channel
to the Sender Key (Sender Business system, Sender Interface, Sender






              Simple as it shows. “Save





Now same way create Receiver Agreement. Thinking How? Now I need
to raise my Eyebrow.





Simple again. Just select the Receiver Communication Channel.



              Are we in the same Boat?



You know what? We have done the scenario. Its time for result






              Activate the scenarios same steps as we have done in the Design

              part. You need to move to “Change List

              tab in order to see the activate option.





Yupp we are there! Smile on my face




Are we done? Where is the output? What’s next? So, XI is going
to run the file? What I need to do Next? Finished?

These were the question when I did my first Hello world scenario
using XI by reading the Blogs. They just end up saying “Provide
the input file and then you will get the output file”. You
know one my student gave XSD content as the input when he did the
first scenario. Don’t worry I am not going to leave half path.
lets go to the target and shout from there that we have done it!




              Now XI will be a Scheduler job which tries to search for the file

              in the “Sender Folder” what is this? This is the folder

              (C:XI_FILESSENDER) that we have configured

              in the Sender Communication Channel and

              also we gave the file name to pick up. As the file is not there

              so there will not be any output in the Receiver Folder (C:XI_FILESRECEIVER)




              how can I provide the file to XI? You need to create a file +*xi_xmlfile_input.dat

              +in the folder +C:XI_FILESSENDER*+

              But what is the content. Content should be XML data. But where can

              I get it? I will show you.




              Open your Design: Integration Builder and open you Software Component

              and then open the Mapping Objects under it open Message Mappings

              select the mm_mapping . This will open

              the mapping program .



              Copy this and paste it into the file C:XI_FILESSENDERxi_xmlfile_input.dat

              only the xml contents and now wait for the XI to pick the file.

              Once XI picks the file then it will delete the file.



              How to debug if anything went wrong? Login into the XI server and

              type the TCode “SXMB_MONI

              this will take u to the message monitoring screen. Just select the

              first option then press “Execute”.

              One more screen opens up Just Press “Execute





Now open the message which has your business service name. If it
is in red color box then error or else if you are seeing what I
am seeing then You have successfully created a “XML FILE 2
XML FILE Scenario” from Scratch.


for spending time with me to learn this scenario we will meet in
the next session. Happy Learning!+*

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    • Hi All:

      I think shrini blog is up-to-the-mark as compare to the other blogs for the same scenerio ;). Also this is from start to end, but what I found in others blog(When I was trying to create File to File Scenerio) that all steps are not mention;-) that give confusion nothing else:-)

      So shrini really you put your best efforts I will appreciate you, if you can deliver/post similar blog for other complex scenerio.

      Sorry for discouragers and Thanks for encouragers:-)


  • Hi,

    Thanx for explaining the file2file scenario from defining TS,BS,etc…even though it is repeated i cud get information regarding SLD and how to define products,TS,BS,SWC.


  • Hi ;

    You blog is really cool.

    Why? It explains right from the SLD ,the steps invloved. It surely is good with a clear understanding which you have about XI.


  • Dear Sriniwas;

    Can we get some blog from you explaing scenarios like IDOC to File or File to IDOC.

    It would be really appreciated if you post your blogs in similar fashion as you have done before.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comments!

      Sure, Just keep an eye on this area. You have lots of guddies to come on Step by Step guide. My Ideas is to make this place open for all scenarios in XI in detail level with more visual and less text. OfCource! Interesting.

      As you have asked. I will let you know some of upcoming guides from me:

      and many more ….

      Work in Progress and Srini is still working. 🙂


      • Hi Srini,

        Welcome to Exchange Infrastructure SDN blogs. The blog you have posted is nice and has good information, but the topic you picked suits more for a How to guide to a specific buisness scenario. XI blog topics are more of a specific area, where members have not seen or encountered that specific feature before. Check some of the exisitng blogs from various authors on those topics.

        If you are planning to come up with guides as you mentioned in your response above, i would strongly encourage them to write and publish them as How to guides rather than a blog.

        I would also advice to search the topic on SDN blog forum and see if anyone has written that topic and published it before to avoid any duplicates.

        As an XI moderator on SDN, i encourage the members to share and spread their knowledge via blogs and how to guides, and make sure that topic is not published before.

        All the best….


        • Hi Prasad,

          Thanks for your suggestion..

          I am not at all disappointed by the bad comments nor encouraged by the good comments because what you are seeing right now is what I want when I come to SDN. There are blogs which has very few screen short and not all the steps described till end.

          This is purely directed to the New Babies and not for person who know what is FILE – FILE.

          This is so crazy that people can’t even understand that things can be made much more easier than earlier one. If they dont want duplicate then Hey! Lets Compare with the OLD Blogs and decide which one is good and lets delete the other Blogs.

          Things can be made much easier and what has been written earlier may not be THE BEST.

          Anyways, I am moving all my contents into the Wiki Page and Lets Meet there.


          • Instead of deleting old blogs, which is always a subjective task, if a topic wasn’t blogged in the first place it could then be updated by any community members…

            If things can be made easier, I want to see them in 1 place.


  • I prefer to create the interface determination and receiver agreement from the receiver determination screen. That way most of the fields have been populated, and the relationship between these objects is clearer…


  • There are 13 standard adapters & hence more than 13P2 combinations are possible. (Since file adapter can be blogged in many ways.. csv, tab delimited, pipe seperated, …… etc)
    I beg you not to flood SDN with redundency…

    May gods (SDN Moderators) save SDN from the wrath of srinivas…!!

    • Hence my suggestion to make this a wiki page with sub pages such as:

      Preparing the SLD
      Setting up the IR
      Setting up the ID
      Adapter specific pages

      • I agree with you Michael. but in the best interests of the community somebody should tell this person not to blog something that is redundent. He can better WIKI it…

        This may sound harsh, but the charm of blogging may be lost by doing so..?

  • As I am new to XI, I think it is a nice blog and I learned a lot of it, I don’t understand the reason for the bad comments, I am waiting for similar ones on others scenarios.
    Could you  plz explain how to create the folders for input and output in xi, and how we can link them to our system C:\ and how we can test the program
  • It is a very very nice bolg.

    I really appreciate you for not bothering
    the bad comments and going forward to share your
    knowledge, which can be very much help full for
    beginners and those who wanted to know the
    steps right from the beginning to end.

    This blog is is so much useful for me
    in fact to many of my friends, those who are APAPers and are just shifting into XI.

    We all support you to publish much more blogs like
    this to other scenarios like
    IDoc to FILE, RFC to FILE or vice versa.

    Also can you please tell us –
    In a single scenario how to send and get the data back. ( like a synchronous mode )
    for ex: a material and its information like
    plant,… are sent to a 3rd party system
    ( where price is being maintained ) and we should get price for that material back to our SAP system.

    can you please explain, if not with all steps,
    please let us know by explaining how we should proceed with XI connections and how to design the interfaces.

    Best Regards,

  • hi,

    I am a beginner in XI, your blog helped me to learn some informative things about XI, carry on with your blog


  • Gr8 work done..keep it up
    Srinivas I am new in XI and this blog helpd me a lot, but here in this blog also, I am stuck up at a place and will realy appritiaet you if you clearfy my doubt,
    this is at,where we give location of sender and receiver directory in communication channel.
    I am confused which path should i give there, of XI server or local machine?
    if I put the files on local machine will it work? I tried that but not working,
    SO is there some trigerring process need to be congigured so that XI will search for file in sender folder, i guess this all questions must be very basic for you but as I told I am new in XI. So PLease help me with this…