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image  Release early, release often!  The mantra of Open Source Software (OSS) development.  We (the SAPlink development team) have tried to live up to this expectation.  The goal was to have this minor release out by end of December or early January.  As you can see, we are a little behind our own time lines.    We attempted to incorporate several UI design changes but ran into many road blocks.  These changes are expected to come to fruition by the next major release SAPlink 0.2.0. You can view all the planned enhancements, including a nugget editor via the Project Road Map.   Back on topic, minor release SAPlink 0.1.3! The good news is many of the bugs that were reported have been addressed.  The core classes have been cleaned up and some new functionality has been incorporated.     For a full list of the bugs and enhancements to this minor release, you can review the Issues page.    A special thank you goes out to two community members (Sergey Korolev and Michael Yakovlev )that supplied some source code for two of the enhancements; add objects from a package and add objects from a transport.  Each of these developers supplied good ideas for enhancements that I was able to expand to the entire project.  Thanks a lot guys!   To install this minor release you can install the installation nugget using your existing version of SAPlink.  If you do not have a previous version installed, you can use the installer program that comes in the zip file found on the Download page
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