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This article will show you how to integrate SAP R/3 and Master Data Management (MDM) using PI in short framework. We will be discussing Outbound process i.e. Outbound to the SAP R/3
Figure Outbound to R/3
MDM Configuration Steps:
Step One–>Create Client System
Follow the same steps to create client system. Also we can use the same client system.
Step Two–>Create Port for Client System
Follow the same steps to create inbound port.
The Port Name is SIEBEL_IB_CUS_SIEBELCUS01, Code SIEBEL_IB_CUS_SIEBELCUS01, and Type as Inbound. See the figures below.
Figure Port for Inbound
MDM Server Side Configuration
In the SAP MDM Server, Look at the server folder structure for the Inbound folder which we have created in the MDM Console.
Figure MDM Server Folder
FTP Server Side Configuration
Step Three–>FTP Server Configuration
Configure/Specify the file folder path for pulling the file in FTP Server. This is screen refers the FTP server configuration (WS_FTP server)
Figure FTP Server
SAP XI / PI Side Configuration
Step Four –> SAP PI Receiver Communication Channel
Figure Receiver CC
Outbound Process Flow:
Figure Outbound Process Flow
>>>Here, I will be discussing Outbound process, the above figure shows the entire process
Process step in R/3
In this IDoc triggers to outbound port.
Process step in PI
The IDoc Communication Channel picks up in the PI System and starts the PI Process. In the PI, transformation and conversion happens and sends to the File Adaptor. The file adaptor pushes the file to the specified path in MDM server folder.
Process step in MDM
The Import Manager picks up the file which the file placed in server folder and imports the file to MDM repository main table.

I hope this blog will be useful for real time while integrating the same.

Note: don’t forget to read the weblog MDM-XI-R/3  Integration for better understanding.

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    I’m courious about the choise of file adapter.
    Does XI integrate MDM only with file adapter?

    Are there any other adapter avaible to connect MDM?

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