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ITIL buzz in SAP world

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I wanted to share something I learned about ITIL though it’s been around since years and years . Will try my best to make these “buzz” words as simple and short so that one can get an idea what this is all about ?  ITIL BackgroundInformation Technology Infrastructure Framework came from 1980’s when Central Computer and Telecommunication Agency (CCTA) – now known as OGC (Office of Government and Commerce) – in the United Kingdom started to work on a de-facto standard in delivering IT Services for all types of organizations. What it isIt is set of tightly integrated process and best practices to talk about how to manage IT service management (ITSM). In the end a customer is benefited with 3 e’s = Value of Money : (Efficiency = Cost vs. Benefits, Effectiveness = Planned vs. Actual, Economy = Relative cost)   Mainly divided into Service Support (SS) and Service delivery. The best way I came across to explain this:  Service Support – Operational to Tactical  Service Delivery – Tactical to Strategic   The difference is the processes covered i.e.  Service support covers: Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management, Configuration Management, and Service Desk (Not a process, but a function).   Service Delivery covers: Availability Management(Include Security Mgmt ), Capacity Management, Service Level Management, IT Service Continuity Management , Financial Management  Objective:  To align IT services with the current and future needs of he business and its customer  or lets say:  ” IT is the business ”           And “The business is IT” so basically you run IT like a business through a discipline that integrates strategies, people , processes and technology . ITIL and SAPInterestingly, as economy becomes more global and ITIL having tactical and strategic perspective, SAP has improved Software Lifecycle Management based on ITIL standards and delivered to us by Solution manager 4.0. Examples are Change management and Service desk functionality in Solution manager 4.0.  I was amazed how SAP is picking up on this framework to deliver a customer-focused IT services. SAP’s internal competency center is live example of ITIL ‘s process. Another benefits is for SAP users who must meet compliance requirements(SOX) or adhere to legal documentation regulations.  For now I am not going into much details about each process of SS and SM, Idea was to give you basic understanding and If you want to know more , please send me an email and I will try my best to share what I have  and find answers for you.   As time permits, I shall learn more and more about this will share with you all.   Thank you for your comments and feedback.   Lovnish Mahajan

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