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Many a times I have faced the question how SAP ERP can communicate with SAP xMII and vice-versa. To list down there are quite a few ways for ERP-xMII communication. We’ll discuss them one-by one.

Any ERP web/enterprise service can be called from xMII using the web service action block in BLS transaction. Copy the WSDL URL of the web service from the wsnavigator and in xMII’s BLS transaction web service action block enter it in the web service location URL and click next to select the port and operation. The input and output parameter structures will get created automatically in the xMII web service action block based on the WSDL. Map the input and output parameters as required and the web service will get executed from SAP ERP while executing the BLS transaction. This feature may not work for web services with a nested structure due to an issue in the web service action block in xMII, which is hoped to get resolved in the next xMII patch release.

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  1. Former Member
    We would like to call multiple MII BLS’s as web services from ABAP proxies. 

    Unfortunately, when we generate the proxy (even with a unique prefix), the generated objects collide and/or overwrite each other.  This is because the external key (name XacuteWSSoap and namespace is the same in the WSDL for all BLS’s.

    The only solution we have found thus far is to generate each proxy in its own package, which is not an acceptable solution for us.

    Does anyone know how to get around this without manually changing the WSDL or using separate ABAP packages for the proxies?  Calling MII BLS’s from ABAP proxies is a critical piece of our planned application.


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