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Create And Migrate CATT to ECATT Part-1

If we have a lot of already existing CATT test scripts, what should we do now? The answer is: we can use the same or later migrate them to ECATT instead of creating a new ECATT script serving the same purpose. Yes, we can migrate CATT test cases to ECATT test scripts of the same name. Thus, ECATT test scripts are new objects and the original CATT test cases remain as they were. The only difference is that in CATT test procedure and test module do not exist in eCATT – both procedures and modules are represented in ECATT by test scripts. The migrated eCATT test script is always stored in the eCATT system regardless of where the original CATT script was stored. During migration, eCATT does the following:

  1. It writes a comment in the test script, with information about the source of the test case.
  2. It copies all the attributes of the test case to the test script.
  3. It copies the documentation in the test case to the test script.
  4. It replaces the ampersand (&) at the beginning of CATT parameters and local variables with the underscore (_) at the beginning of eCATT parameters. The ampersand (&) at the beginning of standard parameters is not affected.
  5. It replaces CATT functions with the appropriate eCATT commands.
  6. It writes comment lines into the test script where changes to the script need to be done manually.

The first part which shows how to create a CATT script and parameterize the same and later next will show how to migrate the same to ECATT. The following example first shows how to create a test case in CATT script (here MM03) and later provides detailed steps to migrate it to ECATT. Step 1: Enter Tcode SCAT which use for CATT tool. Now provide a name say ‘zpsmm03’. Click create. Enter title, select Type as CATT and select component. image Now click CATT button and then Record. image Step 2 Enter Tcode mm03 and press enter.Now check an existing Material and after browsing the material windows just come back.Click end recording. E.g here we did it for material number 880: image Step 3 Watch the changes as shown above. Now to parameterize the same just double click object mm03. The following screen will come up: image Step 4 Observe the details as shown above. Click Field list button. image Step 5 Note here the material number 880, this is the same material no preexisting and I have checked the same for my script. Now to parametrize the same just double click it. A pop up will come up as shown: image Step 6 Enter name and press enter. Step 7 Set the default value for the same. Finally, the script is ready to use and we can run the same in either of three mode, i.e. foreground, background or errors and a log will be generated as shown. image In next blog we discuss how to migrate this CATT script to ECATT. Also how the parameters of this one get reflected in the new one.

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  • Hi Prakar,

    I am running a test configuration with test script where in TCD is defined on F-28 for customer line items payment posting. I am executing this test config using external variants.

    After execution if I see the log, execution is terminated if the first record is an erroneous one and not proceeding further with next records in the input file. Execution ended abruptly here after first record got into error.

    But if I use ‘ON_LAST_MESSAGE_CHECK ( * )’ command all the records are getting processed but log is not displayed properly.

    Even if a record is not posted and was erred. Still log is indicated in green and perceived as successful if we do not expand the node.

    Code in the script is as below.

    * TCD Transaction /////////////////////.
      TCD ( F-28 , F_1 ).

      LOG ( &MSG ).

    Hoping for your kind attention and solution.


    • Right now I dont have access to system as on client location but the best for you is to execute with mode.E of UI control i.e display errors only

      The advantage will be whenver you encounter an error you can correct it and proceed further.

      Hope it helps.