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Business capabilities and service identification

As part of a pilot that we’re running with one of our customers we are trying to identify logical services. Logical services are the services that the business needs in order to reach the enterprise goals and objectives.  At the end of the day logical services should be assigned to one or more physical services, exposed by SAP, other vendors and/or internal development groups  of the enterprise. As part of this exercise we build a “to-be” capability map of specific area of the business by using solution composer, internal SAP information and the client knowledge and experience.    image    I can’t expose the data but you can get an idea about capability maps  in the image above. We break capabilities two levels below business processes in the solution composer. We didn’t get further because we started  to see that capabilities  were  starting to be duplicate and concrete.       Then the good old poster technique helps us to find out conceptual services out of all of the capabilities that we manage to map. We simply hang the capability map poster over the wall and use whiteboard markers to identify “duplicated” capabilities. The red and blue signs that you see on the poster simply resemble duplicated capabilities. Well that  is what I can share  presently and I hope that it’s useful.   
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