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“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, And in the darkness bind them.” And before you think I’m going ga-ga over JRR Tolkien or LOTR for that matter, replace all instances of “Ring” above with “Widget” and you’ll see exactly what i mean.  The premise is that of a process industry manufacturing plastic bottles. Start a BatchSteps: 1. Select a Batch (“BATCH00001” in this case.).  2. Click on “Start” to start production.  The Process parameters are monitored and Quality (SPC/SQC) alerts pop up on the widget. Note that the source of these alerts are xMII.Quality Alerts 3. Click on the arrow next to the Alert to check details about the alert and possible followup actions. Alert Detailsimage A Slider slides out displaying the SPC chart for the Batch as well as the followup actions.  4. You can Confirm Alert by which the alert will disappear from your list.  Let’s confirm this alert. A popup telling me that the alert has been confirmed gets displayed, the slider slides shut and lo ! the alert has disappeared from the list !  5. Quarantine Batch as a possible followup action of the quality alert.  6. Close the Slider and go back to work 🙂  Let’s start off another batch (“BATCH00002”).  image Couple of more Quality alerts, now for BATCH00002 have popped up and along with them a SAP ALert telling you that a maintenance notification has been created also appears.   A followup mail further makes me aware of this alert. mail To explain what’s happening,  it so happens that there are sensors moitoring the health of the equipment which can trigger a maintenance request when the machine fails. It so seems that the quality alert has been raised due to some part of the machine failing.  Let’s click on the arrow next to the SAP alert and see what it has to offer : SAP Alert Details 7. Apart from Details of the alert and an option of confirming it, it also shows up “Possible followup actions” as well an option of following up the problem. Clicking on Follow Up opens up the ITS transaction IW22 to create a Maintenance Order from a Maintenance Request ! Create Maintenence Order This is a scenario that we thought up with the limited process knowledge we have. Please feel free to add to it and make it better.     
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  1. It is good to see some widget examples other than weather and share prices. I’d like to see much more of these sort of examples.
  2. Abesh Bhattacharjee Post author
    Thanks a lot everyone, I thought of making an “Enterprise Widget” in the true sense of it… If you have a scenario in mind please contact me and i’ll try and make it to fit a widget 🙂
  3. Thanks for sharing this excellent example with everyone.  This reinforces my feeling that the best use cases will be developed by companies themselves, not SAP.   I see our (SAP’s) job to enable you all with good tools and infrastructure for widgets, then let the creativity begin!

    In this case, it looks like you’ve created something of great value to your end users and it is not something SAP would necessarily deliver.
    Great job!

  4. Steve T
    Hi Abesh,
    Thanks a lot for this example!
    I just have one more question. How do you configure to receive alerts in your email? Do you configure inside SAPAlerts or send output to external programs for processing?
  5. David Pierre
    Hi ,

    Thanks for this Widget.  However, Is it possible to download this somewhere?

    I’m very curious on how to launch a SAP R/3 transaction directly from the Widget as I’m trying to extend an existing SAP Mail widget with functionality so that the user can navigate to his R/3 mailbox when he clicks a line in the Widget.

    Thanks in advance
    David Pierre


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