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Anarchy breaks loose and the SDN & BPX users rampage the site? Have you noticed the silence on SDN and BPX in the last days, with nobody taking care of burning questions like “my blogger picture needs update” (while we normally think that not your picture, but your haircut would need some “update”), complaints about what’s going on with my article that I submitted 15 seconds ago and it’s still not yet on the SDN frontpage, or where is my 1/2K SDN blogger T-Shirt?

Well, that’s because the Community Network team (that means, we/us/ourselves, the SDN and BPX team) is having some fun and partying – I mean: working hard on an external kickoff meeting. And this since Tuesday. From all over the world everybody from the team flew to this place in the Silicon Valley called Palo Alto enjoys the cloudy weather in weather proof and dark meeting rooms, talking about the year 2006 (how was it?), the year 2007 (what are we going to do?) and the evening (where are we going to dine?)

While you folks on your Community Network (SDN and BPX that is) hunt for points, good material and the occasional fun thread during your work-time, we have our heads smoking of what KPIs we achieved and must define. Last year we were proud to pass the 650,000 user threshold on the SDN, the 1 Mio forum posts, the big growth in TechEd attendance and my personal achievement of finally being able to bite into my toe with closed eyes while riding on a bicycle (believe me, that requires some training).

We are not always dead serious or boring as you might have noticed, so my colleague Jodi Fleischman and me prepared a little video together with some other “pirates” from the team celebrating some achievements from the past in a very peculiar style. Don’t watch it during a break, it’s on the SDN and that means serious work and justification enough to take a look at it during your work hours, doesn’t it? (no reason to tell your boss that you enjoy being on the SDN/BPX and actually do have fun).

The video is not available anymore for the public. If you want to see the video, let me know.

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  1. Community User
    Not all of us are there in person but ALL of us are there in spirit (and through the telephone) – remember folks if you have suggestions get them into the “Suggestions” forum and that way we can take a look at everything as we move forward into the new year!


  2. Alvaro Tejada Galindo
    A great video…I’m almost crying -:'( You guys really know how to make funny things -:D

    BTW…Mario…That was you dancing hula-hula??? Funny -:P

    Hope to see more of that kind of videos in the future…Also gonna steal it for my personal blog… -}:)



      1. Community User
        Now that you say it I got it – wow! I was trying to figure out how that fit in too – whooo bit slow here I guess πŸ™

        Now it’s even funnier!!

  3. Marcel Salein
    Hi Mario,

    I get the email today, my first task was to find the video in the SDN. In the last days I thought you are on holiday, but know I know what you have done. You combined holidays and work and did a good work.

    If every day of a SDN employee is so funny. Who of you are responsible for the young staff. I’ll soon write my application. πŸ˜‰

    Best Regards,


    1. Marcel Salein
      I can also recommend the powerpramming video of Mario. It seems to me that Mario has a real talent for entertaining. He’s not far away from Hollywood I think. πŸ˜‰

      Best Regards,


  4. JΓΌrgen Mayer
    I just found and watched it today. Still laying on the floor and crying…

    Can’t believe that someone comes to such an idea and then even realizes it.

    Mario and Jodi for ‘Golden Globe’ and ‘The Oscar goes to…’

    Keep that up!


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