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SAP Glossary – Mozilla Firefox extension for SAP Termnilogies

SAP Glossary is a Mozilla Firefox Extension which highlights SAP Terminologies and abbreviations from a web page or a web application and adds a tooltip description against it. System Reguirements:  1. Firefox/1.5.0.x Installation Steps:1. Download the plugin (approx. 128 KB) from the following location: SAP Glossary – Mozilla Firefox extension or go to Downloads -> Other section on the SAP Developer NetWork.  2. Unzip the content to obtain the SAPGlossary.xpi file.  3. In your Mozilla Firefox Browser click on File -> Open and browse to SAPGlossary.xpi file to open it. This will install the SAP Glossary plugin in your Mozilla Firefox Browser after you restart the browser.  4. After restarting the browser please check in the Tools -> Extensions in your Mozilla Firefox browser that SAPGlossary plugin is displayed in the extension list as below. image This succesfully finishes the installation of the plugin. How to use:  1. Whenever you visit any Web application or Web page containing any technical term related to SAP . The extension automatically highlights it and adds a small tooltip description of the term as below. image Currently the list of SAP Terms which will be highlighted by the plugin is not complete but as and when I will be updating the SAP Terminologies the plugin will automatically start picking the new term or the definition.  Please feel free to send me the more SAP related terms and definitions if you want them to get highlighted with the plugin.
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