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SAP xApp Mobile Time and Travel 2.0 Part Two – A Quick Glimpse at the Technical Landscape

SAP Mobile Time and Travel provides software for timesheet and travel expense management in two components that can be deployed separately or together. Mobile time-sheet management and travel expense management are useful for employees when they are away from the office and may not have a connection to the back-end SAP system.

As for the technical architecture xMTT 2.0 consists of three parts:

  • a client component that runs on top of the SAP NetWeaver Mobile Infrastructure Client
  • NetWeaver Mobile on the Middleware
  • the backend that the application runs against.


The offline client of SAP xMTT runs on laptops, tablet PCs, and desktops that use Microsoft Windows operating systems. These include Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Additionally, xMTT also requires Microsoft IE 5.5 or higher and JRE 1.4 or higher. As for the client’s hardware requirements any laptop currently on the market should meet xMTT’s hardware requirements. I would recommend at least a 1 GHz CPU and 1 GB of Ram though for performance reasons. Please note that there is currently no xMTT version for PDAs available.

Regarding the Middleware xMTT requires either SAP NetWeaver 2004 or SAP NetWeaver 2004s, which include NetWeaver Mobile (a.k.a. Mobile Infrastructure). I would recommend 2004s since it has a later end of maintenance. NetWeaver Mobile on the middleware helps you with administrating the devices and applications that are out in the field and with operating your mobile landscape.

The required hardware heavily depends on the numbers of mobile devices that you would like to have. For smaller numbers of users you probably do not need a separate box and could share a box with the backend installation. For larger numbers (hundreds or thousands) of users I would recommend a separate box for the middleware. In any case you need to think about this in the context of your project since the sizing is not only influenced by the user numbers but by the amount of data, the number of users synchronizing in parallel and your users’ synchronization frequence as well. So I highly recommend a project specific sizing.

As for the backend SAP xMTT 2.0 runs against R/3 4.7, mySAP ERP 2004 and mySAP ERP 2005 with configurations for CATS, HR & FI, ECC & ECC Extension. Please keep in mind that xMTT is a generic sync application. In contrast to Smart Sync applications the applications have to take care of the delta determination themselves which usually results in a higher load on the backend. Please make sure that your backend does not become the performance bottleneck and is able to handle the possible additional load.

If you’ve never made any experiences with mobile software you might be wondering why I am constantly hinting at load and performance. The reasoning behind this is that some customers nowadays operate mobile landscapes with up to 30000 clients / end users. It’s pretty easy to see that this number of clients can certainly result in a high load that your middleware and backend have to be able to handle.

I would assume that you will start out smaller. It’s still good to know that xMTT is able to handle this amount of users, isn’t it ?

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  • In contrast to Smart Sync applications the applications have to to care of …

    I think there is one ‘to’ too much.



    Reinhard Salmen

  • Hi,
    Can the Middle ware component be installed on the same instance where the backend ERP resides.
    I am not referring to the same server. I am asking whether the ERP instance and the Middle Ware instance can be the same.


    • Hi Srini,

      Yes, that’s possible. If you expect any higher workload I would not recommend it. For a smaller number of users/lower workload this is an option though.

      In case of a large number of users I would always recommend a separate middleware.

      Best Regards,

  • Regarding your statement, “Please note that there is currently no xMTT version for PDAs available.”

    Several SAP publications refer to the fact that SAP intended to release a version of the software for PDA’s.  Does SAP still intend to support PDA’s for xApp MTT?  If so, what is the time frame for release of the software?  If not, what is the change? 

    Also, SAP publications list Tuv Nord Group
    and IDS Scheer as customer references for xApp MTT.  Are there other customer references especially in the US (in particular for the xApp MTR (Travel Expenses)?



    • Hi Kathie,

      Currently there is no PDA version of xMTT available and as far as I know there are no plans for releasing xMTT for PDA.

      In regards to customer references in the US please send me an email (you can find my email address on my SDN business card). I will then get back to you. 

      Best Regards,