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Welcome to the Premium Access Zone (PAZ)

After 3 years of packaging and offering conference sessions as DVD sets, we took the next step and launched a Premium Access Zone (PAZ) on SDN. The first PAZ package is Virtual SAP TechEd `06 – over 200 hours of media-rich sessions recorded at SAP TechEd in Amsterdam in October. Same concept as we had in previous years on physical media, but much more value.  Although we cannot deliver the same value as with physically attending an SAP TechEd conference (98% of attendees told us they will recommend SAP TechEd to a friend!), we would still like to give all of you the opportunity to enjoy the great content throughout the year.   We created a new tab to make it easier for you to access the site image  The entire catalog of sessions, session abstracts, reviews and ratings, list of popular sessions and other features are all available to you. You can search by topics, speakers, session Ids and any other keyword to find the sessions right for you. If you would like to view the sessions, download the presentations or rate sessions, you would need to subscribe to the package, which would get you 12 months of full access to all current and future content of Virtual SAP TechEd `06. We made 5 full sessions freely available to give you (shameful marketing act…) an idea of the content included in the package.  Combining the educational and hands-on sessions offered at TechEd with the online SDN (and BPX) community allows us to enhance the value we delivered in past years by adding many collaborative features and making much more content available initially, while continuing to add content and enhance the site throughout the year:  What are others interested in? image   Your personal session history: image Ratings and reviews: image Other relevant sessions: image Last but not least, we would like to get your feedback on PAZ so we can continue and improve it. Let us know what works, what does not work, and what additional content you would like to see as part of PAZ.  We have already received some feedback asking about availability of the content on DVDs as was the case in recent years. There are always pros and cons when changing formats and some of you got used to the physical availability of the DVDs. With that, we also received some negative feedback about the DVDs: limited content, problems that could not be fixed after production, availability (“I left the DVDs in my hotel room. Now what do I do?”), etc.  I hope the new format proves itself and you find this offer valuable.  Regards, Amir. 
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  • Hi Amir,

    Thanks for sharing all of these useful sessions! I love the idea!
    I hope I’ll have enough time soon to watch some of them.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Peter,

      Excellent. Don’t forget to rate and review the sessions. It would help your fellow PAZangers! (PAZ passangers…)


  • I view this as a major improvement for our SDN and BPX community members.  No more shipping atoms; we’re now shipping bits.  This gives us alot of flexibility to offer other (digital) items of value to community members over time. No more issues with production of physical CDs, shipping headaches, customs, lost CDs, timeliness of production–>receipt, etc.  This also enables our community members to get access to extremely valuable content anytime, anyplace, and all they need is an internet connection.  The capability to see related educational sessions/topics, to see what other people in the community are viewing, to see people’s ratings of the quality/value of the content, to see the list of sessions I’ve already viewed and those I still haven’t … great features of the new PAZ system.  Pros definitely outweight the cons.  Another great step forward for members of the SDN and BPX communities. 
  • Hi,

    I’ve some questions. Can i able to download those sessions(video+audio)? i heard that we can access those online sessions for only 1 year. Is it so?

    Raja T

    • Hi Raja,

      If you are a PAZ subscriber, you can download the sessions PDFs. The sessions themselves are available via streaming – enabled via a leading CDN provider that has global coverage.

      Currently we offer a 12 month subscription to PAZ that includes access to existing and future content of the same category as long as the subscription has not expired.


  • I cannot find session CD353 : How you ABAP code Survives an Upgrade – The enhancement Framework.
    Is there a way to get the pdf’s and video of this session?
  • I would like the DVDs. I can watch those off line and share the highlights with others in my organisation. We pay a lot to go to Teched and have little to show for it that we can share and reuse. In my opinion this is a cynical cost cut by SAP.
    • Des,

      I completely agree with you on this one. In case you haven’t noticed yet, there was also a thread on this topic in the SAP TechEd forum here on SDN:
      Re: Virtual SAPTechEd and SAP TechEd to Go…!

      The cost for a 3-day pass is extremely high (especially when compared to the extremely low ticket costs in India) and SAP should really offer a better session delivery service in my opinion.

      I am glad I am not the only (non-SAP person) who is feeling short-changed on this one.

      Kind regards,
      Michael Koch

      • Des, Michael,

        You’ll be surprised to know that running an online operation is more expensive than shipping DVDs. Building the site, providing user support, maintaining the operation, bandwidth costs, etc. don’t come cheap. Next week we are uploading another batch of ~30 sessions that required post processing and would have never been available if we had continued using DVDs.

        There is really no conspiracy theory behind the new operation…

        Hope you enjoy the content. Please rate and review sessions to help others identify value.


    • Hi Kartik,
      Thanks for the support as well as for using the rating mechanism. The more people rating sessions, the better experience for the whole community.


  • Hi,

    Two years ago, when my collegues went to TechEd, they received the DVD package with recorded sessions streaming content from that event via mail.

    I attended TechEd 2006 in Amsterdam last year.

    Will I receive this package too by mail?

    Thank you for responding,

    Best regards,