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What’s New in SDK 2007 A?

Improved Performance for Multiple Add-Ons

When running several DI add-ons, performance may degrade because each additional connection to the DI API loads a new DI and ObServer DLLs. You can improve performance using a new connection interface. All DI API add-ons using this interface will share the same DI API and OBServer DLLs, thus reducing memory consumption. The new connection is recommended when running multiple DI add-ons connected to the same Company database.


New Connection Interface All DI API add-ons using this interface will share the same DI API and OBServer DLLs. Thus, reducing memory consumption and increasing performance. Account Category Service The Account Category service enables you to add, update, and delete account categories. Alternative Items Service The Alternative Items service manages alternative items. Use the service to:

  • Add alternative items
  • Delete alternative items
  • Update an alternative item
  • Save the object in XML format
  • Bank Statements Service The Bank Statements service manages bank statement drafts that can be posted in SAP Business One. The service lets you add, update, delete, and get lists of bank statements. Projects Service The Projects service manages projects. Use the service to:
  • Add projects
  • Delete projects
  • Update projects name and code
  • Save the object in XML format
  • Documents.Packages New interface supports packaging information in marketing documents. Document_Installments New interface supports installments in marketing documents. Down Payments New properties in Documents object support A/R and A/P down payment invoice and request. Document_SpecialLines and Document_Lines.LineType Allow you to add text and subtotal lines to marketing documents; and alternative item lines to quotations. Documents.ReserveInvoice New property allows you to create reserve invoice. GetByKey for Documents with Serial and Batches Enhancement to Document.GetByKey method lets you access serial and batch numbers that were set to the document lines. Cargo Custom Declaration (Russian Federation) Cargo custom declaration (CCD) numbers are used to monitor the flow of imported goods in the Russian Federation. The Define CCD table has been exposed for read/write. Enhancements (such as tracking quantities) can be performed through an add-on.

New Connection Interface with DI API Company.GetDICompany offers an improved connection with DI API that is recommended for running multiple DI add-ons. Data Pickers SAP Business One pickers are automatically supported for EditText and EditTextColumn items. The type of picker depends on the data type connected to the item:

  • Date picker – on EditText of type date
  • Calculator picker – on EditText of type long number, short number, measure
  • ChooseFromList picker – on EditText/EditTextColumn connected to a CFL object
  • Search picker – on EditText/EditTextColumn with formatted search
  • Translation picker – on EditText of type alpha numeric on master data forms in OK mode
Other Features

For a complete list of SAP Business One 2007 A new feature, see Release Notes 2007 A.

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  • I know many of these objects were expected, but how about UDO’s exposure in the DI API? Is there a chance that we can get that before B1 is in GA? UDO’s are great when working with SBO application, but it’s very frustrating not to do a lot of things that should be done quite easily.
    • Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, this is not planned for 2007 A release.
      I can say, that it’s planed for 2008 release (no commitment of course…)
  • Has there been taken any meassures to improve the performance of SAP Business One in general.

    Both when it comes to the user interface (slow opening forms, changing from one cell to another, comboboxes opening slowly etc.) but also towards the data interface.

    Ie. when opening or adding large documents it can sometimes take minutes even on very fast servers – as well as this locks other users from adding / updating documents.

  • Support for Printing SAP Reports directly from our add-on would be great.

    Something like
    oCompany.PrintReport(“ReportName”, QueryString);

    Actualy we have to REDO every reports in Crystal Report or do it manually in .NET

  • It would be nice to be in Visual Studio 2005 and like any other helps, press F1 on a word from SAP SDK would bring us directly to the help for this word

    I have to click an Icon I placed on my desktop
    to go in SDK help.

    Maybe there’s a trick I dont know yet to make it works.  Sorry if this is the case.