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Unveiling of… The Wiki Code Snippet Gallery

Today is the grand unveiling of our new Code Snippet Gallery. We invite you to explore our new wiki space where code samples of all kinds can be found, added, expanded… the sky’s the limit!  The Code Snippet Gallery, as its name implies, is a place where any and all types of code samples can be submitted by the community. There is a specific page for the code snippets intended for small pieces of code. While the code tutorial page provides a home for the larger codes. For each code everyone can comment (positive or negative), expand, improve, link etc. The content to be found will truly be of and by the community.   Every snippet will receive an initial 10 points and each tutorial 40. Then after community evaluation points can be added up to a maximum of 120.  Please use the ‘notify moderator’ tab for the evaluation.  The Gallery works by tagging each entry with the appropriate label for easy organization, search and catalog. So for example someone adding a new page showing a code snippet would write at the bottom of that page the label “snippet” first (as in the example below) image  and then add any other relevant labels, for example “ABAP” . Once saved the page would then be labeled “snippet” and thus appear grouped with all the other code snippets for easy access.  The Code Snippet Gallery replaces the Code Snippet Forum which outgrew its previous purpose as a home to snippets (the tutorials kept sneaking in…) so now we have a home for all code on the Community Network which I hope will showcase what collaboration truly is! Don’t forget if you have ideas for improvement – its a wiki – “wiki  them”!
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  • This is truly a great initiation to increase the partcipation in WIKI area.

    “All submitted code content will be awarded an initial 10 points following approximately 5 days on the wiki. During that time the community can comment, praise or warn if the content is not good. Content that receives good feedback can then be awarded up to 120 points.”

    I still have doubt how this will work for the Forum and Blog point of view in WIKI.



    • Hi BP, this is separate from the forums and blogs and will be looked at separately not in connection with unless someone posts the code in multiple places looking for points then of course we give the  points only once.
          • Sorry Craig if I am making this thread long with my concern. But can you check the tutorial that i have submitted, “KM Approval Process Through Web Dynpro Coding”? It is labelled as “tutorial, portal, web, dynpro, km” and is still in the “My Home > Code Snippet Gallery > Code Tutorials > KM Approval Process Through Web Dynpro Coding”.

            Once again sorry if i am making this concern too much into your attention,


          • Just took a look and that is merely a snippet not very in depth not sure how it falls into the category of “tutorial” which are usually larger step by step guides to accomplishing a specific task.

            The new one you created was  submitted via the content system it should have already received points – let me know if not and I will check into it.

          • Ok Craig,

            you have injected some more interest and healthy inspiration in me to contribute more into WIKI. I will try to come up with some thing that will give me 40 pointer. The link that i have put in snippet, i havent recieved the points. But i think according to the rules of engagement point will come only on 6th day, i suppose.
            Den one more thing Craig, I crossed over in the mean time. But its not listed in the contributors corner page.

            Long Live SDN & WIKI


          • Craig,

            I updated a snippet for Outlook invitations and I think I did submit it for review but not sure if I put in the right place.

            If not, please let me know.