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Enterprise Mashup Widgets (continued)

In my Enterprise Mashup Widgets I argued that the real strength of widgets in an enterprise context lies in their ability to mashup information from various sources. Of course, it doesn’t matter for the widget where a web service is located that is being called. Hence, a widget can mashup company-internal and company-external information very nicely. Our Enterprise Mashup Widgets does exactly do this as I have explained there.


Below, there is yet another example:




It shows that a slight change in the contextualization of the different knowledge blocks within the widget leads to entirely different scenarios serving entirely different purposes. In this case it’s the order of contextualizing different knowledge blocks that makes this widget distinct from the Enterprise Mashup Widgets.


The result is a Customer Relationship Management scenario. It provides a single view on all the knowledge that a company has of a certain customer from internal sources as well as news, stock prices, etc. from external sources. An account executive can thus stay up to date on internal and external developments with a single small desktop application.


This example highlights that mashing up information from two different sources is a strength of widgets, but it also highlights that mashuping up information slightly differently leads to different widgets and different scenarios.

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