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Installation and configuration of Netweaver Development Infrastructure (WAS 6.4)

1)Start user management under http://hostname:port/useradmin/index.jsp

Login as administrator

2)Create role JDI.Administrator and assign actions CMS.Administrator and CBS.Administrator to it.

3)Create role JDI.developer and assign actions CBS.Developer , CMS.Display , CMS.Export to it.


4)Create two groups in the user management JDI.Administrators and JDI.Developers and assign roles JDI.Administrator and JDI.Developer respectively to them.

5)Login to the visual administrator as administrator.

6)Open the navigation tree on the left at Server -> Services -> Security Provider.

7)In the Components section, choose the application*sld.

8)Under Security Roles, select the security role LcrInstanceWriterAll.

9)Under Mappings you find the Groups field. Choose Add. The dialog window Choose

Users or Groups appears.

10)Select the Groups tab page.

11)Choose Search. A list of the available UME groups appears.

12)Choose the JDI.Administrators group and then OK.

13)Your data is being saved.

14)Now assign the LcrInstanceWriterNR security role to the JDI.Developers group.


Initialize SLD

15)Open the initial page of the SLD Web UI and log on as Administrator.

16)On the initial page, choose Administration and in the section Server -> Server Settings.

17)Enter a reserved NetWeaver namespace in the input field Object Server and leave the

preset working directory in the input field Working Directory and choose set.

18)Choose Administration to switch to the Administration page and choose Start Server.

19)The SLD server starts and in the status line Running appears.

On the initial page, choose Administration and in the section Server -> Data Supplier Bridge.

20)On the page Data Supplier Bridge Administration, set the parameter Update local SLD

(sld/active) to true.

21)Choose Start Bridge.

22)The Data Supplier Bridge starts.

23)Login to the visual administrator

24)Go to Server -> services -> Component Build Service

25)Set the properties as


26)Restart the CBS by right clicking on it .

27)Restart the J2ee enigine.

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