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Implementation of NWDI on WAS 6.4(PART I)

After the installation and configuration of NWDI an the WAS the following URL should be accessible. http://hostname:port/devinf/main image  Steps for using NWDI in your landscape  1.Click on system landscape directory. 2.Login as administrator. 3.Create a new software product. 4.Create a new software component. 5.Create usage dependencies for the software component -> define dependencies->select     a.JDI BUILD TOOL 6.4     b.SAP J2EE ENGINE 6.4     c.SAP JAVA TECH SERVICES 6.4 6.Click on the CMS on the home page of NWDI. 7.Click on update Cms (this would update the CMS of the changes made in the SLD). 8.On the table click add SC.. 9.Choose the vendor specified at time of creating the software Product and corresponding software component. 10.Choose add. 11.Dependent Software components are reflected in the table below.   image 12.Give the name for the track, its track id , description . 13.Specify url for DTR and CBS (if external) else the default is set .  image  14.Click save. 15.A new track is created. 16.Now on the tabstrip select Runtime Systems and check the boxes according to the landscape you require. (Development/Consolidation/Test/Production).In the trays that follow on checking the boxes provide the SDM details. These servers will define the servers on which the actual deployment will take place. image 17.In the developer workspace enter the Url for JDI under Windows->Preferences->Java Development Infrastructure ->Development Configuration Pool http://hostname:port/sld/cimom 18. Import the configuration and create Development components in the configuration.
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