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I believe that one of the possible reasons that people are reluctant to use wiki pages for sharing content is the lack of instant recognition. Not points based recognition, but “here I am on the most recent blogs list” kind of recognition.

So, my cunning plan is to have this blog where wiki contributors can announce new or significantly changed wiki pages through replying.

When I say “signifificant”, I wouldn’t expect to see a reply related to minor spelling changes!

The suggested general format of a reply should be in the form “{New|Updated} wiki related to “, but of course there is no compulsion to follow that format.

The whole scheme could become unworkable, but I thought I’d throw the idea out there and see what happens…


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  1. Nigel James
    Mike you are probably wearing a thin black leather tie, a ‘choice’ reversable jacket and wearing your sunglasses at night.

    Good idea though.



  2. Former Member
    Notonly points, but also the entry barrier was mentioned by a handfull of people, when I contacted them.
    Anyways, I try to distribute points every day by walking through the change list under MyHome. I even check, how much was changed per page. But this is not efficient and we have some limitations. That’s why we are currently working on some better ways to reward WIKI contributors.

    Should you feel left out from the point paradise, let me know. I’ll take a look what you did 😉


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