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ALE configuration for pushing idocs from SAP to XI

There were freshers in my team who wanted to work on sender IDOC adapter. They were searching SDN for step by step guide on ALE configurations for triggering idocs out of SAP. Hence, thought of bloging this on SDN so that it can act as a guide/checklist for XI consultants.  All the configuration specified below are to be performed in the Sender SAP system •  Create a Logical system for the sender SAP system and the receiving XI system using Transaction – ‘SALE’:imageimage  •  Assign Client to the Sender Logical System image •  Create RFC destination of type ‘3’ for SAP XI system using transaction – SM59: Make sure that the name of the RFC destination and Logical system for SAP XI is the same.   imageCreate a Distribution Model through ‘SALE’ transaction: image •  Create a Distribution Model by selecting ‘Create Model View’: Specify the name of the model view and a description. image •  For the model view created above, add the message type of the idoc that you wish to send to SAP XI using this model view. Select ‘Add Message Type’ option and then specify the sender logical system and the receiver logical system.image   Save your Model view before proceeding further.  •  Generate the partner profiles by selecting the navigation path from the main menu, Environment –> Generate Partner profiles Upon selecting the generate partner profiles option, then execute it with the default parameters displayed on the selection screen image    •  From the main screen navigate through the menu option, EDIT –> MODEL VIEW –> DISTRIBUTE. Upon receiving the message shown here, it means the distribution is successful image •  Go to transaction BD10 to send a material out of IDES:image   •  Go to transaction WE02/WE05 to check the status of the IDOC in the sendign system image
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    • Nicholls, When pushing IDOCs to XI, we don’t create any Logical system in the target XI system. Nor do we generate any partner profile in tcode bd64 in the target XI system. What i mean to say is SAP-SAP ALE config is different from SAP-XI ALE config.
      The blog you point to mentions the steps for SAP-SAP and can very well confuse the target audience mentioned here, clearly, which Swaroopa mentions as Freshers.I think the steps mentioned in this blog are precise and to the point and i don’t see a deja Vu here. or Am I missing something ?


  • Hi Swaroopa,

    Am Naveen a budding Netweaver XI guy, now you have mentioned in your blog that you have to create a logical system for both sender and XI system in the sender system. It also goes without saying that each logical system you create assign it to the sender and XI client. Is this right???


    Let me take a scenario

    Sender system ‘X’ contains these clients



    Now I have to send some data form 800 client to XI client 100.

    So since 800 client is already there in ‘X’ and logical system is also created, I have to create a logical system and client 100 only for the XI system.

    Now my ‘X’ would be

    100—> XI client with logical system
    800—> Sender client.

    Is this right??? If incorrect kindly throw some light on it, else read on

    If this is correct then, If we have a scenario wherein ‘X’ system already contains a client by the name 100 and now I have to push a IDOC to XI system for the client 100 how should I go about??



    100—-> already present in the ‘x” system
    800—-> sender system.

    Hope to see your response very soon!!!

  • i have some questions.

    why can not create a filter for message type of my model view,after i have created a model view.
    because i can not see the string “No filter set”,so i can’t double click it to create a filter group.

    all of configuration art to be performed in the send sap system.

    but when to distribute a model view to receiver system(that is xi),and generate partner profile using bd64 in the xi system.

  • Dear Swaroop,

    how can we configure the idoc wihtin the client:

    means: seder as well as receiver in same client.

    please send me step by step screen shots.

    thanks in advance

    • The Idoc pushed by SAP R/3 in the XI server can be checked in IDX5 transaction. IDX5 is used for monitoring inbound and outbound idocs in SAP XI/PI.
      • Thanks for your reply. I checked R3 using WE02, there are 3 idocs in there. I checked XI using IDX5, But there is no idoc in there. I configed R3 as your step by step guide. Why I cannot found idocs in XI?
      • Hi,

        First of all ! thank you for your blog.
        I have the same question : I was able to send idocs from my business system (we05), but in PI 7.1, i checked transaction IDX5 nothing arrived on PI side.
        Is there any additional step to perfrom on PI ?