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Sync/Async communication in JMS adapter without BPM (SP19)

When there is a need to communicate between Synchronous system to an Asynchronous one, we need to go for Sync/Async bridge in BPM. This will be tough and even one needs to take care of correlations etc. Often this is the case with JMS scenarios. For this reason special adapter modules are provided for JMS adapter. In this blog lets look at a sample scenario for this Sync/Async communication using modules in JMS.

Scenario: HTTP to JMS.
Send a String using HTTP and post it in a JMS Queue using JMS adapter. An application picks the String, converts it into Uppercase characters and puts it in some other Queue. Another JMS adapter picks that Uppercased String and that String is returned to HTTP.


Design :
1. Create data types and message types.
2. Create two synchronous interfaces one for HTTP and the other for JMS.
3. Create the message mappings and an Interface mapping.

1. Configure two communication channels of type JMS, one as a sender and the other as a receiver.
2. Complete receiver determination, interface determination, sender agreement and receiver agreement.

Details of configuring the JMS adapters.
Sender communication channel :
On the Parameters tab, under Correlation Settings, select JMSCorrelationID for the XI Conversation ID.
Put the modules as seen in the figure below.

image image

Receiver communication channel :
On the Parameters tab, under Correlation Settings, select XI Message ID as the JMSCorrelationID.
Put the modules as seen in the figure below.

image image

The modules that were added in the JMS receiver communication channel makes it to wait for a response. The module given in JMS sender communication channel notifies the JMS receiver communication channel once it picks a message.

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  • Not only is your content so similar so are your image names – this is unacceptable!

    One might think you are stealing each others work, this of course is not tolerated and unacceptable.

    Please contact me via email immediately to sort this out.

    Craig Cmehil

    • I have been contacted and the two blogs were explained, although I personally find it odd to post so similar content as two separate blogs nothing is wrong with either post.
  • Ok…We are entering some kind of Twilight Zone or something…They actually think that by changing Sync/Async to Async/Sync would help them?

    I don’t know what is happening to the SDN…But I don’t like it -:'(

    You can use different approaches to achieve the same thing and blog about it…that’s ok…But…the same content…almost same pictures…and from the same company…



    • that pass SDN stuff to the wider web.

      Folks can gain “presence” for themselves and few people will detect the duplication in the larger web context.

      To SDN staff: just kidding about the feeds … really!

    • Hi,

      Please note that these are different approaches to achieve same thing. Both the functionalities are entirely different. If you dont know that already, thats were these blogs comes to your rescue. Go thro them and find the differences.

      Please note that, Me and sudheer are in same company and we do communicate internally. We were working on features SP19.

      • Maybe Venkat…But to me, it’s the same monkey with a different dress…I can’t do more that give my point of view…So let’s the SDN decide what to do with this…



        • Hi,

          Sorry in previous post i missed a ‘not’. These are not different approaches to achieve the same thing. In your terms they are like two different creatures.


      • Hi,

        If the blogs are that much different, why didn’t you both make more effort to show the difference. You don’t even refer to each other and indicate that the other one focused on one aspect.
        Maybe one mutual web log was indeed enough, at least to avoid the confusion.


  • how can it be that those two blogs are published within 29 seconds??
    did you have a third person to count down?

    actually I am missing something. Either of you commenting on the other one’s blog with a “Great contribution, Pal!”.

    SDN seems to go nuts.

  • The guys are saying they were working together, and decided to publish it as two posts. Now there may or may not be merit in making it two instead of one (there is a reason given for that). I do not see why people need to scandalize it as if there was a conspiracy.
    Some time back I had collaborated with a colleage to publish a two-part blog in BI and we published it (one each), it was well received and is still being referred to in forums.
    My point is, XI people can probably say whether these two are similar to the extent of being redundant, which would be a valid objection.

    If putting a search string in google deserves a blog, and a self learning exercise deserves umpteen parts of a blogathon on SDN, maybe there is enough merit in having two blogs for sync/async and vice-versa.

    • I am with you on this note.. there seems to be some over ‘poilicing’ in this case.. as there was no ‘copyright’ issue or publishing from etc .. worst case, the points could be split between them .. I feel there is no need to ostracize them..
  • Our main concern is blogs quality is decreasing. So let  us comment on blog quality. Don’t these blogs have any quality? Instead of publishing as two blogs, they would have published as a single blog.  

    They claimed that they worked together on the same area. Then what is the issue to us if the belongs to same company, published in same topic in same time?

    • Forget the timing in was a batch process on my part releasing them and I didn’t catch the names and the fact they they were two separate blogs I was processing several things at the same time 🙁
    • I strongly feel both can be definetly combined and I donot think content is too much. It is just GIF’s that occupied more space and I guess it would make more sense if both can be combined and blogged as a single one. I agree that they are two different scenarios with a very slight difference but there is no need to blog as two !

      Probably it would be catchy for readers if they are blogged as one or as an article as you wish. Otherwise it is confusing and the content is definetly questionable.

        • I didnot intend to show my ranting here:) …
          I felt combining the blogs into a single one will be useful for the community rather than splitting into two i.e very confusing including the title.

          If we blog for the community then lets place them the way the community like it and useful to it!

          • Hi,

            “the way community like it and useful to it” – i think no one can figure this exactly. Many times i have felt some series blogs may be put as one.

            In this scenario, even there are two separate pages in sap documentation to explain these two things. While searching also if one gives ‘Sync/Async’ as search string he will get only my blog which will never confuse him. He might get confused only if two things were combined. Only due to this thought there are two separate blogs.

            Best Regards,

    • Hi,

      >>>Don’t these blogs have any quality?
      I can confidently say an ‘YES’ to this question. If you would have worked already in these scenarios using BPM you might appreciate these blogs.


      • We are using two blogs in different scenarios. Both are useful for us. There are dfferences at design time, configuration and runtime.


        • It’s like getting two different manuals explaining the conceptual differences of a bicycle. Each manual has a single page, containing a single sentence, but 2 pictures:
          Manual A: Your bicycle has a red front (Picture A) and a black rear wheel (Picture B).
          Manual B: Your bicycle has a black rear (Picture A) and a red front wheel (Picture B).

          Just my 2 cents.

  • Hi Venkat

    The blog is very intresting and would like to have it used also. If you can bring more abt the relationship that the modulekey and the paratmer value that defined in the blog will help the readers.

    Personally i’m new to XI and would like to know how this module key plays a vital role and how to select which module will be used and what paramter value to pass.

    Thks for a good effort.


  • Hi,
    thanks for the blog.
    Can you help to clarify?
    Is the Sender Agreement for the JMS Sender Comm Chan?  If so, what interface is used during the config?