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How to reference the MDM Java API during development and runtime

Although there are several ways to include
and reference the MDM Java API in your Java projects, I am describing here the best practice of doing it.

Use case

Typically your Java application will be
deployed on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server, either as a J2EE or Web
Dynpro application. The JAR files of the API should not be included in the application archive itself, but rather
referenced only – both during development and runtime. The API is deployed as a library on the application server.
This gives you the possibility to easily update the API:

    1. On the application server by simply deploying a new version of the API.
      This can be done by an admin without the help of a developer.
    2. On the machines used for development without the need to update several projects.

Download the MDM Java API

.zip  on the installation
media you received. You can download it also, especially important after an
update of the MDM Server, from the SAP Service Marketplace:

-> Download
-> Support Packages and Patches
-> Entry by Application Group
-> SAP NetWeaver
-> SAP MDM 5.5

During development in NWDS

Unpack the archive with the JAR files and
     the Javadoc of the MDM Java API on your PC. Copy or move all the JAR files into any folder. Always use the same folder
     name every time you update to a new version. Example folder name: C:\MDMJavaAPI

In the Preferences dialog of the
     NWDS, go to JavaClasspath Variables and create a new variable with the
     name SAP_MDM_JAVA_API and the path set to the folder of step 1.

In the properties dialog of your NWDS
     project, go to Java Build Path – + Libraries +and
     add each JAR file of the API using the Add Variable button. You
     need to select the variable created in step 2, click on Extend and
     select all 6 JAR files (+mdm4j.jar, mdm-admin.jar,
     mdm-common.jar, mdm-core.jar, mdm-data.jar, mdm-protocol.jar+).

If you are developing an J2EE
     application: Open the deployment descriptor application-j2ee-engine.xml
     and create a reference to the MDM Java API using the values:

     – Reference target:

     – Reference type: hard

     – Reference target type: library

     – Provider name:

If you are developing a Web Dynpro
     application: Open the properties dialog of the project, go to +Web
     Dynpro References+ – Library References and add a new entry for the MDM Java
     API using the name</li>

Deploy on the application server

Deploy the MDM Java API using the SCA named

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  1. Former Member

    Have you been able to reference the MDM_JAVA_API from a Software component in NWDI?

    It should be rather straight forward, but the MDM_JAVA_API doesn’t appear in the list of SCA to check-in to the track.

    See forum question for more details
    doubts on SRM MDM Catalog



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