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How-to get an SDN-Pro User: Getting News Faster and Better

SDN is really an awesome place for information and collaboration. It has even got a spot in my morning ‘wrap up phase’. After so much valuable learning it is now time for me to actively dig into the SDN world.

To start with, I decided not to write or comment on my current focus – respectively SOA – instead trying to give some simple advice on how to become an SDN-Pro User. The idea came up after an interesting chat with Craig Cmehil, the god of SDN’s Wiki. Talking about this and that, Craig showed me some fancy ‘behind the scenes’ SDN stuff. One thing I recognized is that SDN has so many readers and contributors but nearly none of them is using the RSS features, which I think is one of the best features above all. The best things about it: It is comes free! So use free RSS and get a SDN Pro User 😛

– Most of you are technical savvy so for those of you who know everything about RSS let me just emphasize the point that SDN provides RSS. Everywhere!
– For those of you, without any clue about RSS, I captured the most important insights into RSS in the following section:

What is RSS?

RSS stands (today) for Really Simple Syndication. It incorporates an umbrella of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content – such as SDN. This frequently updated digital content is then published in a RSS feed. Various feed reader give users the ability to subscribe to these RSS feeds. Subscribing to a RSS feed means that the feed reader pulls content (normally the headline with initial parts of the real text) centrally together and presents it to the reader. The user may then instantly see if in any of his subscribed feeds has been updated if new content has been added.

The nutshell: Up-to date information from any subscribed source offering RSS feeds centrally displayed in the RSS reader. This is productivity live.

How can you find RSS?

1. Top right of most of the pages
2. Bottom right when you are on the category screen
3. On every Bloggers site 4. just about anywhere

How can I use RSS?

With the mentioned RSS Reader. There is a whole bunch of different readers available in the net. Common examples are
Google Reader (Online/ free)
myYahoo (Online/ free)
Bloglines (Online/ free)
Awasu (Program Download/ simple version is free)
RSS Reader (Program Download/ free)
NetNewsWire for Macs Progam Download/ simple version is free)

Just play a bit with them. It is not a pregnant/ not pregnant question about which one is best. You might also want to check out: SDN Weblogs Widget [RSS Reader]

What can I do with RSS on SDN?

A lot. Believe me.

You may subscribe via RSS to:
specific Blog topics, e.g. eSOA
the SDN Podcasts even with iTunes
recent Discussions
specific person: e.g. Shai’s Wegblog
…. just about anything!

Here is a listing of Re: SDN Weblogs Widget [RSS Reader]

How I use RSS, some examples:

AS mentioned I am one of those SOA guy, so I like news about SOA. Here you go:
What’s up on SOA : My daily SOA news : Companies and SOA :

One additional goody:

I find a lot about SOA every day but just I don’t have the time to read it. Thus I mark it. Marking means storing the link on my account. My RSS Reader at home is subscribed to my personal SOA RSS Feed and I can read interesting stuff whenever I want – even offline on tour: cool, eh? There your go .

Various other RSS Examples:

NY Times
CNN Top Stories
Gadget News
Craigslist – New Rooms and Shares

Further Information on RSS:

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  • I have been using the RSS system for the last couple of months -;) I receive daily all the blogs published -:D Also, I receive feeds from my friends blogs…

    Of course, I use the “Watch this forum” too…For Scripting Languages and Suggestions and Comments…I’m subscribe to the Scripting Languages WIKI updates as well.

    Everyone should take advance of this neat features -:)



  • Hi Joachim,
    Thx for your Blog. Very intersting. But the links regarding the rss-examples are not working properly. We were/are expecting to get more than a big xml-file 🙁
    • Hi Adbu,

      the xml files are the key to RSS. You can use these XML files = RSS fedds within any RSS reader and these readers then offer you the information in an hopefully appealing UI.

      In order to fully take advantage of RSS you should therefore start looking at one of the mentioned RSS readers and give them the link to your specific RSS feed = link to the specific XML file.

      Hope you try it out, because it is really worthwhile.