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Business Perspective

KM provides the feature Publishing with approval process . We can use this feature to implement a standard workflow process for the resources or documents in a KM folder. In my project we have provided an Input form for creating a resource in KM which we develop using Web DynPro application.


This application will create a resource in a predefined folder in KM. The folder will be set up for approval process so that once the user submits the document for approval, it will go through the Workflow process.

Once in workflow, the approvers will see the document pending in his standard UWL iView for his review and action (Approve, reject, send feed back etc).


Now, if the approvers at each stage can edit these resources. And he needs the same input form we created in Web DynPro to perform this action. So essentially we need to kick a Web DynPro application from UWL.

In this scenario, I used OTH configuration to attain the requirement. The UWL may contain many work items other than resources from this KM Folder. So the configuration of OTH will ensure that it affects only the resources in a particular KM Folder. More over this solution gives many more advantages like, even the recent notification iView will be affected in our way. To be precise, where ever this KM Folder resource will be referred, when opened will open the Web DynPro application.



OTH Configuration

We need “Super Admin Role” to configure OTH. Only with this role one can have “Rendering Information” link on the top of every KM Folder.

Step 1.

What we will do is, create an OTH, upload the file into the OTH folder. A sample OTH is provided in this blog. We can view the loaded OTHs in the server by going to “OTH Overview” from the “Rendering Information” link


Step 2

Reload the OTH and we can see our new OTH file.


Remember, the OTH file will be seen only if the file is a valid xml file. Even if we upload an OTH file, it will be seen in the OTH folder. But if its not a valid xml, it wont be shown in the OTH overview page. Once the OTH appears in this page, the effect will take place immediately, means you don’t have to restart the server or any thing.

We have two important areas to concentrate in the oth file.

1. Paths

2. Action URL

Path describes on which KM folder this oth should act on.

Action URL describes which WDP application to open up

and the additional parameters to be passed while opening the WDP application. We are using parameters to be passed through URL.

Below is a sample oth file

Step 3.

In your WDP you can receive the resource.uri using this code.

String rid =



Make sure that when you create a WDP iView in Portal, provide a application parameter with the name Resource.

Now as you got the resource name(   which can be filtered from the resource.uri using the following code

rid.substring(rid.lastIndexOf(‘/’) + 1)    ), its up to you to implement the business logic.

In my scenario, I had to open the same creator view with the values populated in the respective fields.


Assumptions and Restrictions

1. Dont put any other files in this folder other than what your application is expecting.
2. The WDP application will be kicked in from UWL, Recent notification iView- from wherever where this folder is referred.


1. Make sure that the OTH files are reloaded in the OTH overview page.

2. In the OTH overview page, the OTHs will be listed according to the oth name, not the OTH file name.

3. While making the Web DynPro iView in portal, make an application parameter by the same name as that you are using in the oth file.

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      1. Former Member

        my requirement is when i click on the file in km it should open the webdynpro application, instead of the file itself.

        I have uploaded the oth file as described in the blog, but webdynpro application is not opening, when i click the file in km.

        Does this blog is possible only with uwl? plz clarify.


  1. Former Member
    Hi Bobu,

    I have the exact same requirement and am very happy to see this blog.

    Additionally, I was wondering if you can share some code snippets to save a generated text file in the KM folder – how to programmatically access the predefined folder, how to save the file and how to submit the file for approval.

    Any help is appreciated.


  2. Former Member
    During the migration process problems have been reported for this blog. The blog content may look corrupt due to not supported HTML code on this platform. Please adjust the blog content manually before moving it to an official community.
  3. Former Member
    During the migration process problems have been reported for this blog. The blog content may look corrupt due to not supported HTML code on this platform. Please adjust the blog content manually before moving it to an official community.
  4. Former Member
    Thanks you, great blog!

    One question, I implemented this for specific folders containing pdf files and it works great when accessing through km folders. However when opening the file via the UWL it throws a nullpointer. Any ideas why?




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