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If you start the ABAP Workbench (transaction SE80) and the appearence is like the picture below with some areas left blank (red frame) then the problem might be caused by an upgrade of the MS Internet Explorer to release 7.00. The combination of SAP GUI for Windows 6.40 and the MS IE 7.00 requires at least patchlevel 20 on the SAP GUI.
There are also some other functionalities e.g. ‘online help’ effected by that issue.


To find out what patchlevel your GUI is running just click on the SAP GUI icon and open ‘ properties ‘. For our ABAP Trial Version community we provide a patch that can be downloaded from SDN. This patch is an exe-file that has to be executed on the machine your SAP GUI for Windows 6.40 is installed. After running this file the patchlevel of SAP GUI will be 23.

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  1. Former Member
    I recognized this problem too, after Windows Update installed MS IE 7.0 on my PC. In the meantime I uninstalled the IE and the problem was gone.
    Good to know which SAP GUI patch level is required   in order to get both of them working.


  2. Peter Inotai
    Hi Manfred,

    I think it’s worth to mention, that this issue is covered by OSS note 950975 /SAP GUI for Windows: Support for IE7 (Internet Explorer 7)/.

    Best regards,

  3. Thanks for posting the information about the patch here in SDN.  It solved the problem splendidly for me!


  4. Former Member
    we have this problem with Se80 also..  I have installed all the patches  we are using gui 6.20  patch level 71 ..  It has fixed the help file issues
    but the object list section of the screen comes up as  “this  webpage can not be displayed .  No here
    the kicker ..  it works on  Dev and  Test  but not prd …  anyone have as clue as to why it work in 2 system but not prd . 



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