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Something’s Coming


From the preface:

“This book is the sequel to ABAP Objects: An Introduction to Programming SAP Applications from the SAP PRESS series. Instead of producing a reworked third edition of the Introduction, we have written a new book … In this book, we are offering our readers a compendium of modern ABAP programming and of the key possibilities of the ABAP Application Server in SAP NetWeaver. Modern ABAP programming means programming with ABAP Objects. Contrary to the previous book, ABAP Objects are no longer treated as an addition to classical ABAP, but rather as the underlying programming model.

… the presentation of the ABAP language begins this time with Classes and Objects. From the start, we have integrated the description of the Class Builder into the description of classes and objects. All remaining language elements and tools have been presented in the same way that they are used in ABAP Objects to implement classes. The classical concepts of ABAP are mentioned where they are still used. We no longer discuss obsolete concepts; and if we do, we only touch on them very briefly.

… in this book we have included – in addition to the many new developments that the ABAP language has seen in the meantime – additional topics that are integral for the programming of the ABAP Application Server in SAP NetWeaver. In fact, we devote an entire chapter to the error handling reaching from exception classes to assertions, offer an introduction to Web Dynpro for ABAP, provide a separate chapter on dynamic programming including Run-Time Type Creation, and a chapter on the external communication and data interfaces from RFC over ICF to XML, and also provide an overview of all possible tools to use for testing quality assurance.”

Check it out …

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  • Hi Horst:

    This is just awesome! -:D I bought your book “ABAP Objects: Introduction to Programming SAP Applications” and I really love it…Has read it like 5 times -:P

    I’m definitely going to buy this new book!

    Thanx for making me a happy developer -:D



  • Hi,
       Thats Really Good news. Eagerly waiting for the new book.
       Will the latest minisap system included with the book feature the latest Abap Editor which has cool features like auto code completion and so on.