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Are you aware of the Scripting Languages WIKI?

After reading Why I have/haven’t created or modified a wiki… from Michael Nicholls I thought to myself…Why people is not interested in WIKI’s? Maybe because they don’t know them very well.

Being a prod member of the Scripting Languages Community I couldn’t let people go without showing them the benefits on the Scripting Languages WIKI.

So, you may ask…What are the benefits? Well, here are some…

  • You can access all the necessary information from a single place.
  • You can add you own information or your own examples.
  • You can add comments to help the improve the contents.
  • Information is categorized.

Let’s take a look on some pictures.

This is the main page where you can find Development Tools, Must Read Blogs, Community Projects, Downloads.

Want to try PHP, Ruby, Pyhton or Perl but you just don’t know how? You can find some useful snippets here.

You have already look at the connection snippets, but you don’t know where to find the connector? Here, you got all the information.

Now, you don’t have any excuse to not access the WIKI.

Craig kindly ask me to help with Scripting Languages update, so you’re always going to find updated and useful information.

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