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Many of us know how smartly the cascading style sheets (Css) can change the look .In this blog I am going to enlist some of the steps by which we can change the look of the BW report made through WAD .It may sound easy but it is tedious as there a lot of css files which SAP provides (depending on the web Brower).

The very first step is to identify which file may help us ,In this blog my primary focus will be the Navigation Block and the Table.

The CSS files can be copied in the following way.

  • Login to the BW server.
  • Go to Transaction SE80
  • Click on MIME Repository
  • Navigate Till /sap/bw/Mime/BEx/StyleSheets

                     BWReports.css is the file which is used as Default in the BW reports.


  • Right click on the File and Select Download .

Open the file in some css editor, following diagram shows the names of the fields corresponding to the fliter block and the table.Now once we know the names of the fields in css we can modify the look according to our need( means chnage color,font add effects).In the diagram i have mentioned some of the fields of the css.

Default Table


Default Navigation Block


Once you have edited the file , save it .Now we need to upload the file to the BW server

  • Login to the server
  • Open Transaction Se80
  • Click on MIME Repository
  • Navigate Till /sap/bw/Mime/BEx/StyleSheets
  • Right Click on the Stylesheet and then select import
  • Choose the name of the file which you have stored
  • Click Ok .


Now we can see the name of the sytlesheet which we have imported in the /sap/bw/BEx/StyleSheets

In end you have to specify the name of your new CSS file in the was report.

The New look of the table can be like this…


This is how we can the change the look of a report using stylesheets.I have covered a very small portion of the role of CSS in BW reports.

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  1. Former Member
    I really like the overview of the fieldnames and I think this is a very important but often unused feature in Web reporting.
    Two questions:
    1. Do you have experience in doing enhanced modifications to the CSS? I’d like to see a blog about it.
    2. I think you can choose the CSS name in the properties of the template and in the menu too. It’s easier than to enter the CSS in the web template.

    Best regards

    1. Hi Dirk,

      First of Thanx a Lot,

      1.Yes i have done some good modification using CSS, i will try my level best to put in a new blog which has better scope than this in terms of technicality and Functionality.

      2.Yes we can choose the name of the template from there also but i wanted to show from where the css is picked up in the backend.

      Any Suggestion Please Let me Know so that i can imporve on what i have written.

      Pankaj Prasoon

      1. Durairaj Athavan Raja
        when you modify (not creating a new one) the css and if your BW template is not taking effect, you should invalidate the ICM cache (SMICM). You could mention this in your next blog.


    1. Hi Guillaume,

      I havent worked on BI 7.0, i work on EP ,by the way i dont see any reason why it shd nt work with the higher version also.Since SAP also uses styletsheets only to provide the necessary look to the reports.

      Pankaj Prasoon

  2. Kenneth Murray
    I don’t think this applies in 70!  I think 7.0 operates on portal themes now.  Haven’t had any time to investigate, but it’s good to be aware of this!
    Hope that helps!

    Ken Murray

    1. Hi Ken,

      I clearly mentioned that i have no idea of 7.0 , but if it works on portal themes then also we can edit the css . we need to naviagte to this path
      “:\usr\sap\EP1\JC01\j2ee\cluster\server0\apps\\irj\servlet_jsp\irj\root\portalapps\\themes\portal” and copy the report css from the theme folder .
                           I will look into the BI 7.0 and see what should be the way through which we can modify the css.

      Pankaj Prasoon

  3. I have a hierachy which is has goes seven levels deep.

    Ex: L1
    –> L2
    –> L3
    ……etc –> L7.

    To make the report (WAD) more readable it is required to differentiate each level. I have modified a style and have succesfully been able to change the level formats. But here is the bottleneck – the standard style sheet BWReports.css has 4 hierarchy level defined only:

    SAPBEXHLevel0 Hierarchy level 0
    SAPBEXHLevel1 Hierarchy level 1
    SAPBEXHLevel2 Hierarchy level 2
    SAPBEXHLevel3 Hierarchy level 3

    In my stylesheet any changes for the above 4 levels are reflected in the query ouptut. To extend the same for the remaing 3 levels I have created SAPBEXHLevel4…..SAPBEXHLevel6 in the style sheet and have defined styles.

    But the in the query for levels 4-7 the style format from SAPBEXHLevel3 is being displayed.

    Any ideas as to how we can force formats for the additional levels of the hierarchy?

    1. Former Member

      Did you get an answer to your problems with 7 hierarchy levels and only 4 hierarchy level styles defined by BEx in its standard style sheet? 
      So node level 4 onwards carry the SAPBEXHLevel3 style.

      How can the formats of node levels 4-7 be changed? Seems like a simple issue but is a potential show stopper in our project.

      Any inputs/ideas/suggestions is appreciated.



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