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Critical Elements to be considered During Modelling.

Content has unfortunately been plagiarized. You can find the original article from Gary Nolan here. (Subscription needed).

Sorry for the inconvenience, the SDN Team.

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  • Hi Siva Sujan Reddy,

    You took an entire BW EXPERT article INCLUDING SCREEN SHOTS written by Gary Nolan and claim it to be your own. See: Better Star Schema Design Means Better Performance (BW Expert, Volume 2,
    Issue 8)
    (Subcription needed)

    Shame on you. We will let this stand for another hour and then take it down.

    We will contact you regarding your copyright infringements separately. 

    We have about 400K unique visitors every month. Don’t you think that there is one on there that would recognize your copy and paste job and report it?

    Very sad, Mark.

  • Well, now how do we know that Gary didn’t plagiarize this from Siva?

    This sort of problem raises a number of questions –

    Not that there is much doubt in this case, but who makes these determinations? What if the content had been modified enough to obscure where it originally came from?

    Does SDN have any legal obligation to take down the content?

    Who is ultimately responsible for copyrighted (and subscription based) content that gets posted to a public site?

    Personally, having been the victim of this kind of shenanigan in the forums, I probably lean towards coming down pretty hard on a plagiarizer, but perhaps with an appropriate mea culpa, Siva is allowed to continue to participate.

    Maybe a method to conduct a virtual stoning?

    At any rate, it’s comforting to know that there will be no shortage of things to keep laywers employed.

    • Dear John:

      I don’t work for SAP or for the SDN…But i gotta say this…

      If SDN Staff found some “maybe is Plagirized” info…They must take some actions…Siva didn’t show up to defend himself…So you know what they say…If you shout your mouth then it should be true…

      I think that the SDN should take off from Siva the Blogging right…For me…he do something very wrong…

      Just my thoughts…Let Mark, Marilyn or Mark to say something representing the SDN.



    • Hi, John. I had an article in BWExpert too. Publisher asked me to sign a paper that the text is mine and that it was not published anywhere else before. May be this is something that should be done (at least in e-format) before publishing on SDN?
      I treat SDN blogs as a professional site where professionals are sharing their thoughts, comments and interesting findings and where we can discuss with authors.
      I saw already SDN blog publishing some others materials. It is a shame, especially if the author’s true intention was just to get SDN points.