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Ripping off SAP XI Stack …Sharing the goodies of ABAP API’s..!!

I heard behind the walls some one is making too much noise as he is not able to access the metadata of integration repository. I thought of finding a way out and started exploring the options of accessing the repository objects from the ABAP stack .I found out some goodies that will be shared here. I still remember bothering the tutors of SAP XI about the debugging option to exploit the SAP XI stacks during my SAP XI certification probably because I jumped into SAP XI typically from an ABAP back ground. Unfortunately as the training was conducted when SAP XI product is in the nascent state so I could not get a straight answer from any of the tutors though they are wonderful. But now you donot need to bother anyone !!!! Just read this !!!!!!!!

I exploited the stack by understanding the internal working of cache and mapping components as depicted in the blogs SXI_CACHE – Ripped Off and Skelton of Mapping Runtime in SAP XI .Now let’s see how we can access the integration repository objects from the ABAP Stack.

Repository API’s : Please find the repository API’s in the SE24 class builder that can be used for accessing repository objects from the ABAP stack of SAP XI. Check CL_SRAPI* in the SE24 transactions for digging further.
Repository API’s

System Packages : We have seen lot of developments from XI 3.0 to PI 7.0 but did we ever dig what is happening inside the SAP XI box?. If not, go to SE80 transaction and dig the below packages to appreciate the effort that has been put for the forth coming releases.
System Packages
System Packages
Note: Don’t panic if some of the packages are not available in your system as this list reflects SAP XI NW 2004S SP07 version.

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  • Hi,

    unfortunately I cannot find the CL_SRAPI_* objects on my NW 2000 SP 19 system. Could you please give me a hint which package is required for these objects?