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The working of Mobile Service R/3 Edition

Mobile Service R/3 Edition runs on laptops in the offline mode. Service representatives have access to master data information and can also manage the entire service lifecycle. The application is fully integrated with SAP R/3 through CRM Middleware. Any changes made in Mobile Service R/3 Edition are updated in Sap R/3 and any changes made in SAP R/3 are updated in Mobile Service R/3 Edition.

The following are the components present in Mobile Service R/3 Edition –
* Equipment – Valuable information about the equipment to be serviced is provided to the Service Representative. A comprehensive view of the installed base with option to change the structure is also provided. The service representative can also view the service history of an equipment.
* Service Notifications – Service Notification is created on receiving a request for a service activity from a customer. A service order can be created from a service notification or may serve as the only document for processing. The service representative can use a service notification to process customer enquiries and determine the condition of the equipment.
* Service Orders – Service Order contains details of a service activity that needs to be performed on one or more pieces of equipment. A service order comprises of one or more service notifications. Once a service request is done, it can be confirmed using time confirmation, material confirmation and technical confirmation.
* Service Documents – Service Documents component provides a view of related service notifications and service orders for a customer. It is possible to upload service orders, time confirmations and material confirmations to R/3.

The data is exchanged with SAP R/3 and it is not persisted in SAP CRM Server.

The latest available release for Mobile Service R/3 Edition is 4.0. There is no 5.0 release for Mobile Service R/3 Edition.

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  • Hi Santosh,

    in your message about Mobile Service R/3 Edition, you are saying :
    “The latest available release for Mobile Service R/3 Edition is 4.0. There is no 5.0 release for Mobile Service R/3 Edition.”

    What should we understand ?
    – Is 4.0 the last version for Mobile Service R/3 Edition ?
    – 5.0 is not delivered yet but will be delivered in few month ?
    – What is the development strategy for this solution ?
    – If a customer implement the solution in 4.0 version and if it is not maintained anymore in the next versions, what will happen when upgrading into an upper version ?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.
    Best regards,

    • Mobile Service R/3 edition has been put into maintenance mode. There will be no more releases of this product.