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MI Client Installation

Part 1:

Installing Creme & MI Client In Hand held Device

Prerequisites Installing Creme & MI Client
• MI client and JVM components for the required OS should be uploaded to the web console. MI Client SP13 for Laptop
• Please note before client installation JVM 1.3 or 1.4 must be installed in the system ,Screenshot of Error that occurs when MI is installed on incompatible version
MI Client of Pocket PC • MI\MI2.5_SP13\JSP\winCE\MI25Tom_en.CAB (Original file) JVM of Pocket PC • CrEme327_AX_CE42_PPC_minimal.CAB (Original file)


• MAM is configured in Backend Server and a User profile is created we are coping the existing scenario • User Name in both Backend and Middleware should be same with same passwords

Configuring User Dependent Data in Backend

• In backend system Go to SPRO–>Plant Maintenance and Customer Service—> Maintenance and Service Processing —> Mobile Asset Management —> Configure User-Dependent Data Display IMG


Installing Creme & MI Client In Hand held Device

• Type below URL in the address bar of the device
http://<………….>/sap/bc/bsp/sap/me_fw_install/install.htm • Provide username and password and install the client on the device image• Select JSP:250000 image• Select desired language (English) image• Select yes to install JVM on the device
• Restart the Device ( reboot / reset) imageNote: For Laptop Client run the setup file of MI client for SP13 and look in the next blog to regester the Client with MI server

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  • This is probably quite useful information, but why does it come as 4 blogs? 1 blog covering installtion, registration and patching would be more useful for a beginner who wants to see (and pront off!) just the one document.