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Introduction – Blog of a N00B

Hello everyone! I’m a new Implementation Consultant for Omega Business Solutions in Beaverton, OR. This blog will go into my personal experience with training and certification, a little bit of Omega’s philosophy with regard to clients, and my early experiences with clients and consulting. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do all of this without spewing too much and boring the readers, but I suppose that’s what moderators are for ;-).

First, a little about me. I began working for Omega on January 2nd, and I’m in my second week of a mountain of e-learning, talking with other consultants, and learning how to use Business One. I graduated from Washington State University with my MBA and a BA in Management Information Systems in December of last year. I’m sure some of the CompSci/Engineering people out there will think its my MIS background gives me an affinity for writing silly blog posts about my education and background, but I’m really just a vain person. Omega is a top channel partner for SAP Business One. We’ve been around since about 1998, and I’ve got about 12 co-workers. Most of our clients are in the northwestern US, and we work almost exclusively with Business One. Omega is unique in that we’re all about building relationships with our clients – the idea of “making big ones out of little ones” is our mantra here. This leads me into why I’m really writing these posts. Mostly, I’m interested in creating a record of what I’m doing so that others can follow my path to certification, learn from my many mistakes with clients, and take a more efficient approach while trying to “get up to speed” as a new consultant. Business One, like pretty much every SAP application, is huge, complicated, and, at times, very confusing. I’m going to put down what worked for me, and maybe you’ll even get to learn about my embarrassing mistakes from time to time. This blog isn’t entirely selfless, in that I want to increase my visibility within the development community, and maybe pave the way for Omega to contribute more to the SAP community. I’m all about knowledge transfer (hooray for buzz words!), but I also want to promote a bit while I’m here. This is certainly long enough for an introduction, but expect more soon. I’ve listed this blog as “daily”, so I assume if I forget to post it means instant moderation and the death of my small SAP community contribution. I’ll give a training update in my next post, and by the end of the week I should hear about when I’m going to be taking my certification exam. If anyone has specifics on what they’d like me to include, post them in the comments below and I’ll see what I can spew out on the screen.
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