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GONE is the IFR… =(

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

For readers of my 3-Part series on How to Support Industry Standards in XI (Part I of III) – Interfaces, I recommended using a website called the IFR (ie: the SAP Interface Repository) in my blog IDOC Information on IFR….
Sadly, the IFR and its useful IDOC reference info seems to have left our virtual world by dying a silent death. The SAP Universe will not be the same without it…


Just as a reminder, there was a disclaimer on the previous IFR website stating that “SAP reserves the right to deactivate the IFR homepage without prior notice.” It seems the plug has finally been pulled, dear reader. You’ll have to find another source for this info.

Screenshot courtesy of GOOGLE cached pages (and used without permission).

Folks have noticed the IFR’s absence in the past, based on these previous SDN forum posts:

Where did IFR ( go? is down? is down?

sap interface repository

In absence of the IFR, remember you can look up IDOC related info within your SAP ERP system via transaction WE60. Otherwise, some IDOC info can also be found at the SAP Genie website (now the ERP Genie) (see:

The ERP Genie also has a good tip on displaying documentation on the segment fields:

For those of you who have noticed that WE60 doesn’t show the detailed documentation in the MySAP environments and like me have been using the old 4.6c systems for reference, you can modify your personal settings to show the documentation by default; here’s the note: “As of Release 6.10, in transactions WE60 and WE63, documentation is no longer generated by default for the segment fields when the documentation is generated. To activate the generation of the documentation from the corresponding data elements, proceed as follows: WE60/WE63. > Goto > User settings. Here you must set the indicator for ‘Display of the documentation’ under ‘Display attributes for IDOC types’ and then save the change. Now the documentation is also displayed for the segment fields when WE60/WE63 is executed.

Another great tip at:

Do you have any tips on where to get IDOC info???

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  • Hi,

    of course we want it back
    it was such a nice place to look for idoc,bapi tips

    for IDOCs based on bapis zou can also use bapi
    exploerer (Documentation) it contains the
    same info as IFR did

    Maybe SAP can relase IFR on a CD…


  • Dear James,

    the IRF disappeared for the reason SAP promised to move to XML SOAP interfaces (ABAP proxy).
    For this reason, more than IDoc and RFC, a lot of customer are waiting to know where they can find the Interface Repository Documentation for ABAP proxy!

    The transaction SPROXY is not not enough, and the XI content is not completed with documentation.

    Do you know something regarding the SAP strategy for the next generation IFR ?


    • Hi Sandro-
      I can only comment on the the disappearance of the IFR for old-school interfaces like the IDOC and RFCs.  You’ll have to look elsewhere for the info you need on the ABAP proxy topic you bring up.

      Thanks for reading SDN!