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XI: BAM – Episode III – new super trace

I have no idea how many of you are using BAM technology to send “messages” to different systems via XI but the number of those who do may soon rise significantly since the introduction of the BAM Trace Monitor. Attention BAM TRACE monitor is available in WAS 7.10 but it was backported to WAS 7.0 (Note 955684 – Down port of BAM trace to 700) What is this BAM trace monitor? It allows you to trace with many detail levels all of your BAM events. How to configure this trace monitor? Step 1 – at first you need to create a BAM event and link it with your objects (as shown in my weblog: XI: BAM – Episode I – Introduction) Step 2 – then you need to create a new trace in transaction SWF_BAM_TRC (remember it’s only available from WAS 7.0) – inside the trace specify: a) trace level b) object you need/want to monitor In my example I created a trace for Material creation (the event will be invoked via material creation – transaction MM01) – as you see once the trace is created is becomes active (but you can deactivate it if necessary later on) image Step 2 – create the object that will invoke your event (in my example I create a material) As you can see since I turned OFF the XI machine the system signals an error so we can see why the message was not generated and sent to the XI. but this is not the best thing yet! image The best thing here is that by clicking on the “X” value in the data exists section we can get all the details about our event! image When we click on the error we can see much more details: image Obviously we can also see the content of your event. image This is not only great for debugging purposes but also allows us to see the content (values) populated by the event with no debugging necessary. Hope such tools like this BAM trace monitor show that using BAM technology is not only easy to use but also easy to develop and debug.
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  • Hello Michal,

    We are waiting to get our hands on BAM. We do see a lot of potential with BAM.


  • Hi Michel,

    Why is it that all the XI competitor software has better BAM solution then the one you have described,
    JAVA CAPS looks better and maybe easier to configure and is one of the main features of the product,Oracle BAM etc..

    And we have in XI and SAP only minor and looks like harder implementation solution….

    Is there a plan for a more simple BAM solution???
    Maybe on the next XI version…
    I tell you it is quit frustrating to compete with other vendor’s BAMs….

  • Michal,

    Can I use SWF_BAM combined with queuing (serialization, EOIO)?
    (I know queues are a little against BAM itself, but still.)

    I would like to use document number as queue-name, and propagate all state changes of the doc to PI serially.

    Hope you still get notifications when people comment on this blog from 2007.

    Gr, Wout