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When we want to debug the SAPSCRIPT, we need to first activate the debugger, we have 2 ways to activate the Debugger.

1) Execute the program RSTXDBUG

2) Go to SE71, from the initial screen enter the form name and press Utilities –> Activate Debugger

When we are in the Debug screen,

3.1) F5 will be debug filed by field, that means if a single line is having 5 fields, if we press the F5 this will do field by field,

3.2) F6 will be line by line, that means when we press the F6, it will debug the line and it will go to the next line. F7 also do the same way

3.3) F8 will be very useful when we have any include statement in the SCRIPT, if any include is there and we press the F5 or F6 then this will go that Include (normally SO10 or any transaction text), then if we want line by line debugging then we can press the F5 or F6, or if you want to execute that in a single shot then press the F8, then the debugger will be executed that include and come back to the Script debugging.

Some times in the script, we may right lengthy lines, if we want to debug that whole line, we have an option called Left/Right, this we will find the Debug screen of the script, there is a Push button, we can make use this button to debug.

We can put the breakpoints in the SCRIPT DEBUGGER also, just press the BREAKPOINT Pushbutton from the debugging screen or press EDIT –> Breakpoint

If we want to debug the print program from the SCRIPT DEBUGGER, just press SHIFT+F7 or EDIT –> ABAP Debugging

If we want to see the Windows which are defined in the forms, just press the Go to –> Form –> Windows .if we want to see the pages go to –> Form –> pages. Here we have an option to see the page wise window also go to –> Form –> page Windows

If we want to see the paragraphs which are defined in that script, press go to –> Styles –> paragraphs.  

If we want to see the Character formats which are defined in that script, press go to –> Styles –> Character Strings.  

If we want to see the Page formats which are defined in that script, press go to –> OTF –> Page.


If we want to see the Elements which are used in the Script, then press go to –> Text Elements –> Form Elements.

If we want to see the commands which are used in the script, press go to –> Commands –> List

Finally, if we want to exit from the SCRIPT DEBUGING, simply press Debugger –> Exit

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    Hi thank u providing for lot of info on script debugging,lot of doubts already cleared. if u provide some more elaborate info it will be great thankfull to us.



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