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In this blog we will provide a simple example of using the “Web Service” callable object in guided procedures.

Before using the callable object for web services, you first need to make sure that your J2EE can access external web services. To do this login to your J2EE Visual Administrator tool and look at the Web Services Container entry.


Select the settings and ensure the http proxy settings are set correctly. For my enviroment, I needed the following settings:


Once you make this change, you just need to start/stop the service. Just right click on Web Services Container to stop and to start.

Now you are ready to build the callable object for external webservices!! Follow the simple steps below to build a callable object that calls an external weather service.

  1. Navigate to Guided Procedures – Design Time . Select a folder of your choice.
  2. Select Create callable object . Enter a name for the callable object and select Service – Web Service as the type of callable object.


  3. In the WSDL URL field enter:
  4. With your cursor still in the WSDL URL field, press enter on your keyboard. You will then see the interface definition for this service.


  5. Select GetWeatherByZipCode. Select Next.
  6. Notice the Input Parameters. You should see zipcode as the input parameter. Select Next.
  7. Notice the Output Parameters. Select Next and select Finish.

When you test you get something like this:


This example was done on SAP NetWeaver 2004s, support package 08.

So, give it a try and blog about the super cool things you are doing with guided procedures and external web services!

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  1. Former Member
    When i tried to test this WSDL url in web service navigator am getting a connection time out error as below:

    Cannot download WSDL from Cannot connect to Connection timed out: connect

    Also in GP am getting the following error

    Could not load WSDL:  GenericServiceFactory initialization problem when trying to load Web service model for WSDL:

    Can you help me figure out what is going wrong?

    Thank You

  2. Former Member
    I tried to use a webservice as you have described in this blog,but i too am getting the same error, when i put WSDL url into WSDL Url field of callable object,i am getting the error as :
    Could not load WSDL:  GenericServiceFactory initialization problem when trying to load Web service model for WSDL:

    I have followed each and every step suggested by you, Can you figure it out what might be wrong??


    1. Ginger Gatling Post author
      Hello Ameya,
      I received this same error- this is because your J2EE cannot call external Web Services.  I had to go to hte Visual Administrator – Web services container – Then go to ‘Settings’ for the http proxy.  My settings for the SAP network are as follows:
      Proxy Host:  proxy
      Proxy port:  8080
      Exclude list:  *.sap.corp   Just look in your browser settings and make the same proxy settings for your J2EE engine and you will be fine.  good luck!
  3. Former Member
    After defining proxy settings in the visual admin when I try to test the webservice url in the wsnavigator I get the following error:
    Cannot download WSDL from Invalid Response Code: (502) Proxy Error ( The ISA Server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). ). The requested URL was:”
    My basis administrator had asked me to enter my windows username and password also while defining proxy settings.
    Please help me.
    1. Ginger Gatling Post author
      Please post this in a forum in order to get an answer – I’ve switched group and no longer involved in the details of the product – but if you post in the CE and maybe BPM/workflow forums – you should get an answer.

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