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  1. Former Member
    Hi Raja

    May be off topic but have also a look at

    A nice and simple JavaScript library for DOM handling (and more…). You could easy enhance your functionality to change the hide unhide to lets say a slide or fold as simple as
    onClientClick = “javascript:$(‘#area_one’).show(‘slow’);”

    The library and its GPL and MIT licensed.

    Greetings, Roger

  2. Former Member
    Hi Raja,
    it´s great and working, unless I use the same div hack around phtmlb elements. Then the div is not even evaluated. Any clue?
    1. Raja Thangamani Post author
      You mean you have an issue when you use this option with PHTMLB elements? Post your code here or in BSP forum, let’s have a look..

      Raja T

        1. Raja Thangamani Post author

          As i mentioned, if DIV is outside the any formatting tags like htmlb:gridLayoutCell, phtmlb:formLayoutItem it won’t work. It has to be shown below..Raja T


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