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Transport Table Entries

—>Sometimes when we try to modify and save the data for some transactions it will not ask for customizing request.  —>If we know the tables which will be updated by those transactions we can create one Transportable request and save the entries and transport them to different servers  This can be useful when the number of entries are not too many , may be less than 500.  I had seen some Questions regarding the same and answered them. So would like to put it as a blog  Below proceedure will take you through  Goto Transaction SE10 Give the userid and click on display image  Clcik on the Create button and select the second radiobutton ‘Transportable Change Request’  which will create a new request. image Now Place the cursor on the task and click on the button ‘Display object list’ which is next to delete button image  Click on the change button and then add button image  Give PgmId as R3TR       Obj   as TABU      Objectname as Table to be transported as shown below and then double click on the table name,in this case SKA1. image  Double click on the Key field image  Fill the details. These are the key fields of that table which will transport the particular record image  Now click on back button then add(Plus button) to add more number of entries to be transported image  Again click on back button and add more number of tables and follow the same proceedure for each table image  Finally save the task which is ready to be transported 
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  • It’s quite usefull to know this – not only for beginners. But be careful – for two reasons:
    First: You have to know that the transport system will transport these table entries without any check of application logic. So you have to know what you transport there.

    Second: You may also use ‘*’ in the key fields. With that you would not have to type every single account. E.G. for SKA1: Key fields 100 TEST *.
    That means all entries of SKA1 with Client 100 and TEST are exported. But: At the time of import,all entries with 100 / TEST in the target system are deleted and then the exported entries are inserted.

    That’s why to be careful..

    • Dear Sir,

      Suppose I have a table in the source system which has 5 entries. The same table in the target system has 730 entries.

      When we are transporting the table from the source system to the target system, if we specify * in the key field, will the 730 entries in the target system get overwritten with the 5 entries from the source system or will these 5 entries get added to the table in the target system based on their values, i.e. if the key field mentioned in these 5 entries already exist in the table, the existing entries are modified or else the new entries are appended into the target system.


      Sushanth H.S.

  • There is another point I would like to point out:

    When you create the transport request you specify one or more keys (or patterns) for table entries. The transport request doesn’t contain the table entries yet, but only the keys and patterns you have entered.

    You have to release the transport request to fetch the actual table entries from the DB table and to store them into the transport. If you wait too long releasing the transport someone else might change the table content in the meanwhile. The final transport will contain the table entries which are present at the time the transport is released.
    Kind Regards,
    Andreas Vogel