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Application Components, Tables, and the SE80 Repository Information System ( “Was dem einen recht ist, ist dem anderen billig”, Part III )

What I started out to do today, actually, was to post a comment to my blog post here: Preparing for SMLT (“Was dem einen recht ist, ist dem anderen billig”, Part II) This comment WAS going to say that things aren’t so bad as I described in that post. In particular, I WAS going to say that you actually CAN use the Repository Information System feature of SE80 to get an idea of what tables you should put into an SMLT run for your site. For example, suppose you know that your site DOES use Preventive Maintenance within Plant Maintenance, and you therefore want to be sure that all tables related to PM-PRM go into your SMLT run. Well, yes, you can go into SE80 and choose: Repository Information System then ABAP Dictionary then Database Tables and when the selection screen comes up, you can click in the Application Component box to get a list of application components. Then, for example, if you expand the “PM” node of the application component tree, you’ll see a “PM-PRM” node for Preventive Maintenance, and if you expand this, you’ll see a “PM-PRM-TL” node for Maintenance Task Lists. So if you then click on this “PM-PRM-TL”node to bring it into the selection criteria “Application Component” field and then execute (from the usual clock), you WILL get a list of relevant tables: EAPL Allocation of task lists to pieces of equipment MHIO Call Object from Maintenance Order MHIS Maintenance plan history MMPT Cycle definitions and MeasPoints for MaintPlan MMPX Maintenance cycle short texts MPLA Maintenance plan MPOS Maintenance item PLWP Allocation of maintenance packages to task list operations T351 Maintenance strategy T351P Maintenance packages T351T Maintenance strategy texts T351X Maintenance strategy package texts T399G Maintenance Plan Sort Field T399G_T Descriptions for Maintenance Plan Sort Fields T399P Maintenance item category parameter T399W Maintenance plan type parameter TAPL Allocation of task lists to functional locations Well that’s really slick, and if that was all there was to the story, then I would have merely posted a note to my original blog post about SMLT, indicating that you can in fact use SE80 to get some idea of what tables you will need to put into SMLT. But here’s the rest of the story … Spend a little while clicking on different application components in the “select application component” tree and see whether you get reasonable results consistently. And then ask yourself why the results you get AREN’T reasonable. If a company is in the business of selling Business Warehouses to customers who want better Business Intelligence about their own businesses, wouldn’t you expect this company to have a great Business Warehouse full of intelligent Business Intelligence about its own business? Or is it sometimes NOT the case that “Was dem einen recht ist, ist dem anderen billig”? (In English: “Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander”.)

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