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Support for secondary methods in UWL!

In case you have not yet heard, secondary methods are now supported in Universal Worklist!

The support for secondary methods is discussed in Note 882731. The note states that support begins in release NW04 SPS15 and NW04s SP05 for backends from 6.20+.

For those of you are are new to secondary methods, here are the basics of what you should know:

  • Secondary methods are part of Business Workflow.
  • They enable you to execute an additional method to the task method.
  • There are three types of secondary methods:
    • Amodal – executes at the same time as the task.
    • Before work item execution – executes before the task.
    • After work item execution- executes after the task.

Secondary methods are accessed by selecting the “Methods” tab from your workflow task.


Notice the types of secondary methods, and notice I am using an Amodal secondary method.


My workflow task is the basic user decision. The secondary method is to display a material.

Now notice how this appears in UWL at runtime.


The task in UWL is the “basic decision” task. The secondary method is displayed in the details of the task as “Required Reading”.


At this point I can execute the “Required Reading” which launches the secondary method, or I can execute the decision to complete the task.

So, what do you think? Please do a reply once you give secondary methods will UWL a try. The current limitation is that you can only use the amodal type of secondary methods. The before and after secondary methods should work if you are only using ITS to launch the task. In my example I was using the SAPGui to launch the task and the before/after secondary methods did not work. So, at least for now, you should try it with the amodal secondary method.

Give this a try in 2007!!

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  • Hi Ginger,

    Thanks for taking the time to show us poor souls on a 620 system that there is light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 As soon as I get back onto a NW04s setup I’ll be sure to give it a go, but for now it’s great to see that this sorely lacking feature is slowly making it’s way in to the UWL.

    It’s still a way off the most common use for secondary methods – opening up relevant info automatically in a separate window, but it addresses the most immediate concern that users who are moving to the UWL without workflows specifically redesigned for this (ex-)shortcoming can see their beloved objects again.

    What I would suggest for the nice people in Walldorf is to add a new type of secondary method: Web/BSP/URL/whatever that lets us replace an old fashioned Object method in a secondary method with a snazzy new BSP app or Web service that would open in a separate window.


  • Hi,

    we try to start secondary methods like display a scanned bill at tehe same time and automatically with the booked data in the sap system.
    The UWL only give us link under required reading, but that’s not the process we need. The user must start the item in the uwl and got the scanned image and the booked bil in the sap system, so he can decided that’s ok. This is the normal behavior.
    At this time we use EP 6 Sp17 and a backend 6.20 with patch up to basis 58. We’ve imported the notes for the uwl.
    Is there a idea for a solution when we use the webgui. When we start the wingui all looks fine from gui and uwl. But the most of the users haven’t a gui on the client.

    Best regards
    Thorsten Stracke

  • Hello Ginger,

    I’am very interested in the feature of secondary methods, because we are using workflows, that should show additional data in the UWL at time of decision. For testing I’ve used BOR-Type USR01 , method DISPLAY and an method of an ABAP-Class, which we use in our workflow container, as secondary methods (amodal). The methods are called each time, when I open the workitem in BusinessWorkplace, but they are not called when opening the workitem from Portal. We have NW7.0 SPS20, so normally it should work?!
    Is there additional UWL-Configuration necessary to call secondray methods or have the methods be implemented in a certain kind?
    Do you have examples of BOR-Objects/ABAP-Classes, whose methods can be used as secondary methods ?
    Me not being  very experienced in workflow/BOR-Programming, perhaps you can show, how you have implemented your DISPLAY-method.

    Best regards,