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In order to turn your mobile project into a success you should keep in mind that mobile projects still turn out to be a little more complex than traditional IT projects. This is due to the fact that a broad range of technologies are used in a typical mobile project and that you better have somebody in your team with know how on all of these technologies. This does not have to be – and most likely won’t be – the same person but you should be able to cover a broad range of technologies ranging from SAP Backend systems requiring ABAP and/or business process know how to mobile clients for which some Java know how might be very beneficial.

The image below gives you a first impression of the system landscape in a Mobile Infrastructure based project – as you can see it for a mobile project you need know how for Client, Middleware and Backend.


The information given is based on SAP xApp Mobile Time and Travel 2.0 and SAP xApp Mobile Asset Management 3.0. Most of it is valid for other Mobile Infrastructure based applications as well though.

Experience has shown that the following roles need to be covered by members of your project team:

Application Consultant needs to have the relevant Backend Knowledge for the specific solution that is supposed to be implemented in your project

Mobile Consultant should know about Mobile Infrastructure Configuration, Mobile Application Installation and should be experienced in Technical Blueprinting

Technical Consultant should have know how regarding Web Application Server Installation and Administration

Development Consultant is required to know about enhancements to the mobile application frontend and/or about backend enhancements

Project Manager is needed like in any other project

So now that we have had a quick look at the different roles that you need to fill with your team members let’s see what the detailed skill set required to fill these roles looks like:

Mobile Consultant

  • Web Application Server
  • Mobile Infrastructure
  • General Networking knowledge
  • Security (e.g. SSL)
  • RFC
  • Job Scheduling
  • SAP Role Concept

Technical Consultant

  • Web Application Server 6.40
  • General Networking Knowledge
  • Security (e.g. SSL)
  • RFCs
  • Job Scheduling
  • SAP Role Concept

Backend Development Consultant

  • BAPI / RFCs
  • ABAP / BADIs
  • Mobile Infrastructure
  • Backend Application Know How (e.g. CATS for xMTT)

Frontend Development Consultant

  • BAPI / RFCs
  • Java
  • Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Device knowledge (Prep, rollout, security, drivers, etc)
  • Mobile Development Toolkit (MDK)
  • Mobile Infrastructure

If you are looking for more detailed information there are information kits available for most mobile applications that help you with planning your projects.

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