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Though this blog is not the one that is eligible to claim points but there is a need for me to express my gratitude for appreciation mails that I am receiving around every corner of the World! I have to thank both the SDN community and readers for making me so popular …..!! I have blogged it as an answer to one of the college student but am very happy that it has attracted many. The fantastic part of the exercise is the college student calling me as sister whom I never know or met him face to face. I guess I found a new brother due to SDN…@@@@@@@@@ and I never know I can inspire college students as well ….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heart Touching Mail :
Hi Sravya
I am very sorry for not being in a regular touch as I lost my pass for gmail account, some one stole it and I am unable to recover it. I had sent you couple of messages on yahoo messenger and had not got any reply, thought that you might have ignored me. But sister thanks a million you awoke my inner spirits in learning XI by posting one simple blog for all my queries.
I now have SAP XI system with me, recently I visited bangalore and purchased HP PC also got SAP XI installed, I am spending around 3-4 hrs daily on it. I am now through with File-File, File-IDOC, RFC-File-RFC, file-mail.
Sis a very good news is that I am gonna give a seminar on SAP XI to about 300 students (engineering, MCA, BSC students from colleges around Tirupati) the coming week. I am preparing adetailed presentation using Flash, my lecturers said they would also lookinto to forward my presentation to HR’s of MNC’s at the time of campus recruitments. I want to seek permission from you to use your name at guidelines page, also I need your help in preparing the first few steps for the presentation.
How do we start on with SAP XI project, is it waterfall method or anyother, do we prepare documentation on we have any documentum specialist who do the job for us, do we deliver the project (if yes how), or do we have delivery heads.
please explain me one business scenario in detail (if you have some time… but please 🙂 ), I prefer something from an automobile domain as I have my previous projects developed on automobiles and I want to stick on to this domin (do you suggest any other domain that might suit my intrest..?)
Thanks a Lot Sis
Awaiting your reply,

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    1. Former Member
      Dear Sravya:

      No thanx need it…You have made a terrific job with you XI blogs -:D So as Michal said…You deserve it!!! Please keep on doing good stuff like that -;)



  1. Former Member
    Good one.Your Blogs inspires not only College students but also XI Learners.I am big fan of your’s and have read all the blogs that you posts.
    Keep Blogging….
  2. Former Member
    I certainly appreciate your depth of understanding and your attitude to share all you knew, which are the 2 most important aspects of knowledge enlightment. Despite your schedules, you have done a wonderful job. Keep up the good work, I am one of the many who got benefitted by your blogs.


  3. Former Member
    Hi Sravya,
       You have done a wonderfull job..I am silent reader of all ur blogs..and ur blogs gave me very good support for my work..keep posting 🙂


  4. Former Member
    Honestly, No exageraton when i say this “As and when I get hickups in XI practise Here is where I go and say “talanki” and hit the key . What I see is a nidhi(treasure) of XI information with an easy “Cheese” saying as if xi is that easy. Every blog that I read easily goes in.Good language too . I appreciate her works. GURUji why cant you present a book to this learner’s world.Thanks for your blogs free of cost ;)for a new learner of XI.
    1. Sravya Talanki Post author
      Thanks a lot for the compliments. Some compliments really makes your day and would trigger recollecting the memories. Unfortuntely am unable to spend any time with SAP XI and SDN due to the fact that am pregnant and not feeling very well ! But will try to regain my strengths soon to pen some good ones !

      BTW, If you really like the blog then try voting for it :)..Check SAP Blogger Awards – Time is counting down… for voting.


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