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Of Widgets and URLs, an alternative approach…

Recently in the course of developement of the Harnessing the power of xMII using Yahoo Widgets. i faced a typical problem. While trying to access a local URL through the


object, I kept on getting a peculiar error. The dump of the


object looked somewhat like :

urlGIF[response]: 500
urlGIF[result]: Could not load URL
urlGIF[autoRedirect]: true

Detailed investigation fetched me a detailed error description which was sort of self-explanatory :

Description: Unable to locate the server named “inld500xxxxxa”. The server does not have a DNS entry. Perhaps there is a misspelling in the server name, or the server no longer exists. Double-check the name and try again.

My quest for a solution to my problem lead me to Re: Widget Info particular thread in SDN widgets forum. Aha, I said, so other people are facing the same problem as me. Patiently monitoring the thread for a couple of days yielded no results as, somehow the solution of this problem seemed to elude us.

After three days of patient debugging, hit and trial and tinkering with the Widget Engine Preferences, i stumbled upon a rather simple solution :

ServerXMLHTTP on MSDN</li>


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