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Usage Type EP Becomes Flexible – EP Core (EPC) joins SAP NetWeaver 7.0

With the release of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s) SR2, the old usage type EP has been divided into two usage types: EP Core (also known as EPC) and EP. The capabilities formerly available by usage type EP are divided between the two usage types as follows:



The Advantage of Separating the Usage Type into Two

With the division of the usage type, you gain flexibility. Some scenarios, for example ERP, require only the portal capabilities from among all the services offered by the old EP. In such case, you only install usage type EPC and benefit from the capabilities of the portal only, without managing other services not required for this scenario.


Installing the New Usage Type in SAPinst

You can use usage type EPC in the following cases:

  • For SAP NetWeaver standalone scenarios, you need SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS 11.
  • For SAP ERP business packages based on EPC, you need SAP ERP 6.0 SR2 and SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SPS 11.

The installation of usage type EPC requires the installation of usage type AS Java.

This is what you’ll see in SAPinst:



You can enhance  a system with EPC to a full EP system using JSPM. Follow the instructions in the guide SAP NetWeaver Support Installation Guide – SP Stack 11.

More Information

Information on usage type EPC is available in all the NetWeaver relevant guides, such as Master Guide, Installation Guide and in the Help portal documentation.

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  • I would expect that as a result of the split of EP, BI Java would require only EPC. But as I see on the screenshot – it still requires both EPC and EP 🙂


    • Dear Vitality,

      The dependencies between the usage types are: AS Java -> EPC -> EP. AS Java is always a prerequisite for EPC, and EPC is always a prerequisite for EP.
      Thanks for bringing this up and giving me the opportunity to clarify the dependencies.

      • Thank You Leah,
        I think that helps, but the part that’s still not confirmed, and I think what Vitalyi was asking about, is why does it look like [on the screen shot] both EPC and EP are required for BI Java installation since the blog states that only core components would be needed for the local instances.  Is this may be because Info Broadcasting requires a direct interface with KM ?
        • Hi Jerzy,

          With both images I was trying to support the text: the idea is not to install in each system only core components, but to simplify and provide leaner installation for some cases, where only portal, GP or UWL are required.
          These components, as well as AS-Java remain prerequisites for the rest of the components, just like before SR2. So you can say that this breakup of usage types is beneficial for some cases, but does not make a difference in other cases, such as BI_Java.
          Best regards,

  • Can someone at SAP explain why this breakdown. Why is CAF-GP in the EP-Core, and CAF in the EP for example?

    Is it because the UWL and GP can never be considered as their own runtimes in the future? Or is there some other good reasons?


    • Hi Frank,
      I’m sorry it took so long.
      Thank you very much for this feedback: Thanks to you we fixed the images. Indeed CAF is not part of usage type EP – it is included in the usage type Application Server Java. CAF-GP is part of EP Core to enable various mySAP ERP scenarios.
      Best regards,
  • Hi,
    for the IT Practice “Business Information Management” EP is a crucial part to install the new NW BI 20004s features. After the split – are always both EP usage types necessary? Unfortunately I could not find any anwser yet, as the upgrade and installation master guide on have not been updated yet.


    • Hi Frank,

      Both usage types, namely EPC and EP, are required for enabling NetWeaver BI-Java features. The master guide says that both usage types are required.
      Best regards,