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The Portal Activity Report is one of the best loved, and often hated, features of the portal. Almost every customer wants to know, at one point or another, who is using the portal and what users are looking at.  But there is often a lot of confusion over the feature, generally because they “know” that users have entered the portal but do not see any statistics, or they see statistics in one report that seem to contradict another report.  From time to time, I will write a few words about the Portal Activity Report to make it clearer how it works.  This blog focuses on the most basic report, showing how many users have logged into the report. Many customers believe this report shows how many logons were performed.  Wrong.  The report shows how many unique IDs logged on to the portal. So if the administrator logged on 235,333 times yesterday, the report would still show 1 logon.  This has important implications in comparing reports from different time periods. For example, the following is a daily report of the number of users who logged in during December: image The red lines show the days during work week 51 (starting Dec. 19) and work week 52 (starting Dec. 26). The report shows a total of 3 authenticated users in WW51 and 9 in WW52.  But now look at the weekly report: image This report shows 1 user in WW51 and 4 in WW52. The difference is because the reports show unique IDs that logged in, not actual logons. So the administrator user may have logged in each day, and appears as a separate statistic in the daily report, the user only appears once in the weekly report.  Also note, that the work week begins on a Monday.
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  1. Former Member

    Thanks for the blog. I am wondering if you are talking about a specific sp and version? Because I have noticed real inconsistencies in EP6 sp16, where the activity report shows information that I did not ask for, when setting the date filter.


    1. Daniel Wroblewski
      Post author
      Hi Kiran,

      My blog talks about a misunderstanding of how the logged on users, and I think the functionality I describe goes back to the original.

      What inconsistencies are you finding?

      There were major changes to the portal activity report for SP15, and it could be that there were some issues that did not get resolved until 16 and 17. I will try to find out what issues there were.



      1. Former Member

        One of the things that I found not working on our production environment is when you pick
        Problem 1:
        1. Type of Report – Number of users logged in
        2. Reporting Period – Inverval=Monthly, Fixed Period= Start (11/1/2006) End (1/29/2007).

        This displays nothing with a message “No content available for the specified period” and a X in red color in the applet area. I also see the browser status displaying a message “Applet notinited”.
        And the browser window doesn’t close if you try to.

        Do you know why this is happening?

        Problem 2:
        If I pick reporting period interval as “weekly” and 1/1/2007 as start date and 1/29/2007 as end date, I get the below table.

        Sun WW 1, 2006 1 0
        Sun WW 2, 2007 2 0
        Sun WW 3, 2007 1 0
        Mon WW 4, 2007 23 0
        Tue WW 4, 2007 24 0
        Wed WW 4, 2007 22 0
        Thu WW 4, 2007 20 0
        Fri WW 4, 2007 18 0
        Sat WW 4, 2007 2 0
        Sun WW 5, 2007 2 0

        Why is week 4 appearing six times? Is there some configuration that we don’t have set it correctly? I am confused. Any help appreciated.


        1. Daniel Wroblewski
          Post author
          As for porblem 2, there is/was a bug that performed weekly aggregation more than once a week. Check out the SAP note on portal activity report for more information. See my latest portal activity report blog for more information on the SAP note.

          As for problem 1, you would have to check the database to see if data is being aggregated, and then debug from there. It’s tough to see without seeing the system.


  2. Former Member
    In the Portal Activity Report, i dont see any data in the:
    1)  Portal Activity Report – Pages and iViews
    2)  Portal Activity Report – Number of Users Who Logged On

    I could only see data in the “Portal Activity Report – Details About Users Who Logged On” report.

    Kindly advise if there is any configuration i need to make so that i could see that data.
    We are on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s) SPS 15.

    1. Michal Zilcha-Lang

      Portal Activity Report is a standalone application with no dependency to other portal applications. For that reason we could publish the latest SDA version that can be deployed on the different portal SPs.
      In SAP note number 998653 you can find the list of problems found, and on what versions they were fixed. This is the “Central Note for Portal Activity Report”.
      In SAP note number 1084379 you can find the latest SDA file to deploy. There are few files attached, according to your version, so you should choose file.
      Please follow the instructions in the note for a successful deployment.
      One of the mail reasons for not seeing data in the reports, is due to a Duplicate Key Exception.
      It happens when data is being aggregated, and inserted to the database tables, and not deleted at the end of the process.
      Next time the aggregation process runs, it would calculate and try to insert the same data to the tables. This is the Duplicate Key Exception, and it stops the aggregation process.
      In order to solve the problem you should manually remove the duplicated data.
      There is a note that explains how to remove the rows that cause the DuplicateKeyException: SAP note number 1054145.
      If you have more questions, I would be more than happy to help.

      Thank you,
      Best regards,
      Michal Zilcha-Lang


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