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************************************************************************************ –>Sometimes when we try to find out the Transparent table related to a screen field we end up in the structure  –>First we try go for F1 help—>Technical Settings , There we can find all the details of that particular field. In most cases we end up with the structure instead of transparent table where the field is stored  –>To checkout in a better way, if we can go for F4 help fof that field first and then  F1 help–>Technical settings on the relevant field there is possibility that we  can get the table name for that field in most of the cases  –>Still if we are  not able to get the correct table with F4 help also, then we can proceed the following way   After we click on F4 help ,  there will be one Information system button(find button) at the bottom of the popup , click on this button and then  F1 help–>Technical settings on the relavent field.  If we look at some examples we can have a better understanding    Check out some of the examples  1. To find out the table where function modules are stored  Goto Se37 image Check the F1 help–>Technical settings We end up in the structure image Now go for F4 help and we get the following screen image Get the F1 help for the field function module name –>Technical settings , again we end up in structure image Now click on the Information system button at the bottom image It will open up a popup with some fields , get F1 help for the function module field—>Technical settings image Now we get the table name TFDIR where the function modules are stored image     One more example  2. Let us take  transaction MM03 and try to find to find out the table name for the screen field Material_no which is displayed on the first screen of MM03     Goto MM03 transaction    image   When we go for F1 help–> Technical settings on the field Material_no, we end up in the structure image   Now go for F4 help where one popup is displayed image   Place the cursor on the field material and go for F1 help–>Technical settings   Here we can get the table/view name where the material numbers for that transaction are stored image    Likewise we can the table names for many screen fields
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  2. Former Member
    Dear Chandrasekhar,

    I really appreciate your finding.
    However the above is applicable only those field where you have search option (F4).
    However there are many fields which don’t have F4 option.
    Do you have any short cut way like the above how to find the DB table of a field.

    Thanks once again for your post.

    Sp sahu


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