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For some reason the advent of a new Test Drive (Evaluation) edition of SAP NetWeaver NW2004S for Linux escaped my attention.  However, thanks to Ulrich (you know who you are ๐Ÿ™‚ I now have a copy.  Problem was, that it is recommended to only work with RedHat, or SUSE – and I don’t run either (well not at home anyway).

It turns out that this shouldn’t be a problem, at least not if you use Ubuntu, Edgy, AMD64 (and probably many other flavours).  As an aside – I find it particularily interesting that SAP chose to go for 64bit instead of 32bit  – I wonder how much of a future 32bit has?

As a result of my experiences, I’m offering a list of the things that I had to do for my particular setup. Please note, these are in addition to what instructions SAP have supplied (on the DVD – see /path to DVD/index.html) – NOT a substitute.

Get a copy?

It’s not immediately obvious how to get a copy of the latest Linux version for NW2004S (DVD) – I found it by using one of the links from the older versions at  Click on this link, and then enter “testdrive” in the top right search box.  Next, choose the entry titled “SAP NW2004s Testdrive MaxDB (DL9)”.  I can’t give you a specific bookmark link for all the usual gripes/reasons to do with ITS, and EP.  Now go “Whoopee!” – when you checkout of the knowledge shop as it’s all free!

Do your preparation

You have to download
      the special “JDK 1.4.2 for SAP Customers” from: .

    • Set the PATH and JAVA_HOME environment variables correctly. I installed the JDK in /opt. Editing /etc/profile, I prepended PATH with:
export PATH=/opt/IBMJava2-amd64-142/bin:$PATH

Set JAVA_HOME with:

export JAVA_HOME=/opt/IBMJava2-amd64-142

Make sure that you check other files that influence environment variables like /root/.bashrc, /etc/bash.bashrc, and /etc/login.defs.

    1. **Update – 30.12.2006 ** I found that the J2EE engine wasn’t launching correctly – the quickest fix for this I found was to link the java home above to /usr/lib/java:
ln -s /opt/IBMJava2-amd64-142 /usr/lib/java

Make sure that you don’t allready have Java installed in this location etc.

    1. Make sure that all the /sbin directories are in $PATH (e.g. /sbin and /usr/sbin). You can check this again by looking at the defaults in /etc/profile (and the others mentioned above)
    2. Check your swap space available, and tmpfs settings.
    1. If you dont have enough swap space, and cannot create another swap filesystem, then you can create a swap file using this script to create a 2Gb swapfile:
      rm -f /root/swapfile0
      dd if=/dev/zero of=/root/swapfile0 bs=1024 count=2097152
      mkswap /root/swapfile0
      swapon /root/swapfile0

      If you use this then add

      swapon /root/swapfile0

      to /etc/rc.local so that it is activated at each reboot.

    2. For tmpfs – check whether you have one or not with:
      mount | grep tmpfs

      I have a line like:

      tmpfs on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw,size=1g)

      . If you need to create the tmpfs then you can add:

      tmpfs /dev/shm tmpfs size=1g 0 0

      to /etc/fstab and then execute

      mount -a

      to mount it.

    1. The default shell for /bin/sh has been linked to /bin/dash. For the duration of the install this must be changed to linking to /bin/bash. Do this:
cd /bin
mv sh
ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh

Once the installation is complete, you must remember to reverse this:

cd /bin
rm sh
mv sh

Server Installation

Once you have reached the installation phase, I recommend that you copy the contents of the DVD locally, so that the script can be altered. for me copying was:

mkdir -p /home/sap
rsync -av /media/cdrom0/* /home/sap/

Edit /home/sap/ Find the line installed_jdk_home=””, and change it to installed_jdk_home=”/opt/IBMJava2-amd64-142″.

Run the install, and you should get output like:

Do you agree to the above license terms? yes/no:


  1. Installing SAP NetWeaver 7.0 –  TestDrive


   add user n4sadm
   unpacking adm_env.tar.bz2
   Enter new UNIX password:
   Retype new UNIX password:
   passwd: password updated successfully
   add user sdb
   Enter new UNIX password:
   Retype new UNIX password:
   passwd: password updated successfully
   add user sqdn4s
   unpacking sqd_env.tar.bz2
   Enter new UNIX password:
   Retype new UNIX password:
   passwd: password updated successfully
   unpacking /media/cdrom0/server/TAR/x86_64/SAPDB_I.tar.bz2
   unpacking /media/cdrom0/server/TAR/x86_64/SAPDB_II.tar.bz2
   unpacking /media/cdrom0/server/TAR/x86_64/SAPDB_III.tar.bz2
   unpacking /media/cdrom0/server/TAR/x86_64/SAPN4S.tar.bz2
   Update the necessary information in sysctl.conf:
   kernel.shmmax = 23136829430
   kernel.shmall = 5242880
   kernel.msgmni = 1024
   fs.file-max = 32768
   kernel.sem = 1250 256000 100 1024
   find: ./proc/10260: No such file or directory
   Device eth0:0
   inet used for hostname n4shost
   Hostname n4shost already configured.
   root@ubuntu:/home/sap #

Now Finish the install as per the instructions. When it comes to installing the license, you will have to do this manually. Make sure that you have at least started the DB instance before you attempt this (“startsap n4shost db” as user n4sadm) Request the license key as normal, and once you have received the confirmation email execute as user n4sadm:

/usr/sap/N4S/SYS/exe/run/saplicense -install

Enter the requested data as supplied in the email.

Your shiny new NW2004S system should now be ready to go:-)

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  1. Gregor Wolf
    Hi Piers,

    it’s great that SAP continue the Test Drive Versions for Linux. Hope that it will be avaliable as a Download too. Because I’ve read in the SAP Knowledge Shop that they charge following shipping costs:

    Euro  5,00 inside Germany
    Euro 15,00 inside Europe
    Euro 20,00 all other countries

    You’ve ordered there and paid nothing?

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hmm – thats odd – I just blindly went through the process of clicking on the link supplied in the blog, searching, and selecting the the item as described.  I then also processed through the shopping cart (Order button), put in my shipping details, and never got asked for any money (ie. I got a zero shipping charge on the order).
      Is this a glitch, I wonder – maybe it isn’t quite time to go “Whoopee!”.


  2. Former Member

    I tried installing Netweaver but lost on very early stage. The recommended IBM-Java Sdk was “not accessible or up to date” on Xen VM, OS Suse10.0 e.
    I downloaded the packet with os labelled “other / amd64/opteron”. actually linux runs on AMD64, but not opteron.

    Any help?

    regards Wilko 

    1. Former Member Post author
      So – you downloaded the AMD64 bit version of the IBM JDK 1.4.2 by following the link I provided?  And – the kernel that you are running is x86_64 2.6.x ?

      I cannot help you, if you do not supply any details of the errors that you have encountered – please explain what is/isn’t happening.
      Piers Harding.

  3. Former Member
    The instructions say that the license is good for 90 days.  Do you know if it can be renewed after that (like NW4), or is it a one-time 90 days?


    1. Former Member Post author
      I have not had to renew mine yet, but as far as I’m aware you should beable to.  Why don’t you try it, and then update here ๐Ÿ™‚
      Piers Harding.
  4. Former Member
    My installation went literally by the textbook until the end where when I try to run /usr/…/saplicense -get, it cannot load the shared library My Kubuntu only has
    ‘ (libc6,x86-64) => /usr/lib/’
    So the question is, is it possible to install older version of libstdc++ ?
    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi – these are the package details that I have:<br/>piers@ubuntu:/usr/lib$ dpkg -s libstdc+5<br/>Package: libstdc5<br/>Status: install ok installed<br/>Priority: optional<br/>Section: libs<br/>Installed-Size: 944<br/>Maintainer: Ubuntu Core Developers <><br/>Architecture: amd64<br/>Source: gcc-3.3<br/>Version: 1:3.3.6-13ubuntu2<br/>Depends: gcc-3.3-base (>= 1:3.3.6-13ubuntu2), libc6 (>= 2.4-1), libgcc1 (>= 1:3.3.4-3)<br/>Description: The GNU Standard C+ Library v3<br/> This package contains an additional runtime library for C++ programs<br/> built with the GNU compiler.<br/> .<br/> libstdc+-v3 is a complete rewrite from the previous libstdc-v2, which<br/> was included up to g-2.95. The first version of libstdc-v3 appeared<br/> in g-3.0.<br/>Original-Maintainer: Debian GCC Maintainers <><br/>piers@ubuntu:/usr/lib$ dpkg -L libstdc5<br/>/.<br/>/usr<br/>/usr/share<br/>/usr/share/doc<br/>/usr/share/doc/libstdc5<br/>/usr/share/doc/libstdc5/copyright<br/>/usr/share/doc/libstdc5/README.Debian<br/>/usr/share/doc/libstdc5/changelog.Debian.gz<br/>/usr/lib<br/>/usr/lib/<br/>/usr/lib/<br/>piers@ubuntu:/usr/lib$ <br/>Cheers.

  5. Former Member
    i had installed it(N4S_TestDrive_MaxDB) on my redhat 5 enterprise ,
    Linux redhat5 2.6.18-8.el5 x86_64 GNU/Linux.
    but i am confuse of getting lisence,
    i had try to get the lisence of(N4S – SAP NetWeaver 2004s x86_64 MaxDB)

    but when i ./saplicense -install ifile=./N4S.txt
    *** ERROR: data in file ./N4S.txt incomplete(143/175)
              1    1     1       1     0    1
    saplicense: Error reading license data from file ./N4S.txt

    help me ! thank you!

  6. Former Member
    I’am already install SAP with no error (i didn’t saw something weird), but when i executed command ‘startsap n4shost’ , the DB cannot runs with error:
    Running /usr/sap/N4S/SYS/exe/run/startdb
    Trying to start database …
    Log file: /home/n4sadm/startdb.log
    Database start failed
    DB startup failed

    and this is the error from /home/n4sadm/startdb.log file:

    Starting Database Instance…
    Error! Connection failed to node (local) for database N4S:
    -24799,ERR_CMDOPTION: Invalid option or invalid parameter “F326BFCC23CEBA69E9AE7A32E2FCB11D505644D97CBD1CE61906557466052748C11765F1AC4C8679DD383D9CB067B7DA922F902BD054926EE887BA7EF736D6E0” for command “user_getchallenge”

    could you help me plz..?
    thanks before.

  7. Former Member
    Hello Piers,

    Thank you very much for this blog. I sat up until late trying to install the Test Drive, but failed with some ELF binary error on trying to start the database (or so it seemed); and something similar running saplicense.

    Just to confirm: You say you are running Ubuntu Edgy (I see you give a list of packages in the comments as well). Are you running the desktop or server edition?

    Thanks and Regards,

    Martin Ceronio

  8. Former Member
    I forgot to mention that I was installing on Jaunty server, but I see that from Hardy it uses libstdc++6. I downloaded Dapper LTS now, because I see from that it has libstdc++5, so I’m sure that explains the problems I had.

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